July 7, 2019
'Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers For Monday, July 8: Xander Continues His Search

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, July 8 reveal that Xander Avant (Adain Bradley) is determined to solve a mystery. Even though the police could find no foul play in Emma Barber's (Nia Sioux) death, Xander seems to believe that she was killed. He will continue investigating Emma's demise on his own.

Xander recently approached Charlie Weber (Dick Christie) while they were at work. Charlie is the head of Forrester Creations' security and is always willing to help anyone in need. Xander spun a story to Charlie, telling him that something was stolen from his vehicle. He then asked him if he could view security footage of the parking lot -- Charlie happily obliged.

Charlie was then called away, leaving Xander alone. Xander quickly checked the footage for the day that Emma died. He saw how the intern had rushed out to her car. Xander then saw how Thomas had been in hot pursuit of her, and how he had followed Emma in his own car. As far as Xander was concerned, Thomas had lied about following Emma, and now, he's convinced that Thomas was responsible for Emma's death.

Xander will press on his search for the truth, per Highlight Hollywood. At some point, he will probably realize that there is a possibility that Emma's car was run off the road. Xander may want to inspect Thomas' car and see if it has any scratches or dents on it. Since The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Thomas rammed into Emma's car, there will definitely be some damage to the car's frame. Of course, Thomas may have sent his car in for some repairs to cover up the scratches on the bodywork. If that is the case, Xander will need to do some further investigating.

The Bold and the Beautiful casting spoilers, per The Inquisitr, tease that Emma's best friend will make a brief return on Wednesday, July 10. Tiffany (Maile Brady) is also an intern at Forrester Creations and was devastated by her friend's death. Xander may have a few questions for Tiffany. He may want to know if Emma was a cautious driver or if she liked to speed. Tiffany may have some answers for a guilt-ridden Xander.

The Forrester Creations' model will also confront Thomas this week with his suspicions. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that he will play with his life as Thomas will take kindly to Xander's accusations. Although he may walk out of Thomas' office alive, the designer may have some plans to get rid of Xander for once and for all.

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