July 7, 2019
New Jersey Suspect Steals iPhone, Posts Terrifying Selfie On The Instagram Story Of The Phone's Owner

On May 16, a New Jersey man reported that he'd had his iPhone stolen to the Kearny Police Department. Typically when a phone is stolen, the thief will immediately restore the stolen device to its factory settings, removing all the owner's information. This way it will be harder to track if the owner had applications like Find My iPhone, which uses GPS technology to give the owner the exact location of their device in an instant. However, the suspect that stole this particular iPhone in New Jersey did no such thing, according to Fox News.

Rather than simply deleting all the owner's information off the stolen device, this suspect decided to flaunt the fact that he'd snatched the iPhone and hadn't gotten caught. He logged into the victim's Instagram account and posted a terrifying, up-close selfie onto his Instagram story. His eyes are open wide and he makes a startling expression that is sure to catch anyone off guard.

The suspect has dark hair, brown eyes, as well as a mustache and beard. He's wearing glasses and a green sweatshirt.

The Kearny Police Department posted the bizarre selfie on their Facebook page on July 3 in hopes that someone can identify the suspect and assist them in their search for the stolen phone. Their caption explains the unusual crime.

"The Kearny Police Detective Bureau is turning to our Facebook community for assistance in identifying a person of interest in the attached photograph. On May 16th a victim reported to the Kearny Police Department that his iPhone had been stolen. Shortly after the theft, a suspect posted the attached photograph of himself on the victim's Instagram story using the stolen device."
Immediately, Facebook users were quick to share and comment upon the frightening selfie. It didn't take long for the inevitable jokes to come rolling in. Most people wanted to know how anyone could be stupid enough to leave a trace as major as this after committing a crime.
"A face only a mother could love. On a serious note, I hope you get him," one user remarked.

After multiple demands for an update regarding the case, the Kearny Police Department posted a followup comment saying that the man had yet to be identified.

"Update, unfortunately no one has identified him yet; however people have been calling and emailing us with investigative advice (like we haven't been doing this for a living)."
Anyone with any valid information regarding the case is encouraged to contact the Kearny Police Department. They may remain anonymous if they wish.