‘Big Brother 21:’ Fans Sign Petition To Remove Jack Matthews From The Show

Jack Matthews competes on Big Brother Season 21
Monty Brinton / CBS

Unfortunately, on many seasons of Big Brother, a villain wastes no time in showing their true colors, and in Season 21 it’s none other than Jack Matthews. Once the live feeds were officially on, Jack became a main topic of conversation on Big Brother threads across social media for his inappropriate comments. The Jason Momoa lookalike has been dubbed a “racist” by hundreds of viewers, prompting a petition to have him removed from the hit CBS reality series.

The new petition on Change.org asks CBS to boot Jack from their show and not let him play out his time in the game. The creator fears for Kemi Faknule’s safety in the house since she is the main subject of Jack’s inappropriate comments.

“Jack Matthews has said numerous racist things and has been very aggressive towards the only black woman in the Big Brother house, including saying he wants to “stomp a mudhole through her chest.” He needs to be expelled for Kemi’s safety and to show that it’s not okay to be racist in 2019, especially on tv,” the petition’s synopsis reads.

The “stomp a mudhole through her chest” comment was spoken first by Sam Bledsoe of Big Brother Season 20, and Jack appeared to just be repeating the remark when a discussion about Kemi came up in the Head of Household room. Whether he was just repeating a comment or not, the quote is angering viewers who are expressing their issues on Twitter.

Jack Matthews competes on Big Brother.
  Monty Brinton / CBS

The petition to remove Jack from Big Brother currently has just over 4,700 signatures with a goal of 5,000. Only four houseguests in history have been removed from Big Brother by production, but it hasn’t happened since Season 14 when Willie Hantz got into a physical altercation with Joe Arvin.

The only time a houseguest has been removed for inappropriate remarks was in Season 4 when Scott Weintraub was ejected for verbal intimidation and for throwing chairs around the house. At this point in time, no houseguest has been ejected because of racial comments.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jack was spoken to by production for his behavior in the house, but it is not clear which comment caused them to pull him into the diary room for a scolding. Twitter account Big Brother Daily documented a conversation between Tommy Bracco and Jack, where the latter said that someone must be “uncomfortable” and he needed to be careful about what he said in the house because production saw everything.

Big Brother airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. EST. Episodes will follow Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.