WWE Rumors: Company Officials Unhappy With Wrestler For Unscripted Incident

An image of the WWE company logo.

NXT UK isn’t as high profile as the WWE’s other weekly shows, but that doesn’t mean the brand’s performers aren’t always under the watchful eye of the company’s management team — whether they’re participating in WWE-affiliated matches or not.

Unlike the majority of the company’s roster, certain NXT UK superstars aren’t exclusively signed to WWE. This allows them to compete for other independent promotions, provided that said companies do not interfere with WWE’s business interests. One performer who’s permitted to ply his trade elsewhere is Walter, the current NXT UK champion.

Of course, being that Walter is currently the top guy in WWE’s British offshoot, he must represent the brand wherever he goes — which is why WWE officials are allegedly unhappy with an incident that occurred while he was wrestling David Starr at Over The Top’s WrestleRama 3, according to a report in Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

During the match, which took place earlier this month, Starr stomped on Walter’s NXT UK championship belt. However, the spot was not given the green light by WWE higher-ups, who felt the incident was disrespectful.

In the world of professional wrestling, though, being disrespectful is part and parcel of being a heel character. Still, while it’s doubtful that either competitor set out to intentionally offend anyone in the office, it’s understandable that the situation may have rubbed the powers that be the wrong way. WWE takes its image seriously, and wrestlers tarnishing the reputation of its titles looks bad.


The report doesn’t state if Walter is going to be punished by WWE officials. If so, hopefully, this misdemeanor won’t derail his progress too much. Since the Austrian heavyweight won the title from Pete Dunne at NXT Takeover: New York back in April, he’s been presented as one of the company’s most promising up-and-coming stars.

Besides, it’s highly unlikely that something like this will happen again. If the incident has indeed upset WWE management as the report claims, they’ll be extra wary of what their superstars do going forward. If Walter receives even a slap on the wrist, it’ll serve as a firm warning to other members of the NXT UK brand to not repeat his mistakes.

If Walter keeps working hard and respects company protocol, he’ll go far in WWE. His impressive size, unique character, and ability to cut strong promos gives him an advantage over most other wrestlers at his level. Vince McMahon is known to favor hulking brutes, and Walter certainly fits the bill.