Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Cam Has A Question For Joss, Scott & Bobbie Make A Date

There may be some romance this summer after all.

General Hospital stars William Lipton and Eden McCoy.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

There may be some romance this summer after all.

Liz and Franco will be celebrating their wedding in a special reception they have planned, which will be shown next week on General Hospital. It will be a time of celebration for their loved ones, and also for “Friz” fans who have grown to love the couple.

Franco seems to be all about love and romance these days. He has been busy inviting people personally, but there are two guys that he has encouraged to bring dates to the reception that may just turn into something more. On Wednesday’s General Hospital, Cameron had a heart-to-heart with his grandma Laura after he snubbed Franco’s suggestion of bringing along a date to the reception. She confronted her grandson on his behavior with his step-dad, and she figured out that he is afraid to get close to Franco because the other men in his mother’s life have come and gone. However, Laura encouraged Cam enough that he flew out the door to see someone. That someone was Josslyn, of course. Spoilers from Soap Central says that Joss will be contemplating an invitation.

Cameron ran over to Sonny’s to ask Joss to accompany him to the wedding reception. Dev was standing there watching the whole scene with a smirk on his face. The previews for Friday’s General Hospital show Trina asking Dev what he did to make Joss so angry. It likely has something to do with Cameron.

While all that was going on, there was another date to the Friz wedding reception that was in the works. Scott Baldwin kind of made a mess of things when he abruptly asked Bobbie Spencer to marry him. He finally realized what he did and later apologized to her. It was a sweet exchange between the two old friends, but it looks like there may just be more sparks than they both realize.

Franco was the one who got the ball rolling when he suggested that his dad bring a date to the party. That got Scott thinking of the kind of woman he wants to spend time with, and Bobbie came to mind. Of course, Franco had no idea that he would propose to her. He later told Scott that maybe coffee would be a better idea. Scott took his advice, and then asked Bobbie if she would go with him to the wedding reception. She said yes. Carly was even observing her mom and Scott’s chemistry.

It looks like there are a couple of General Hospital romances on the horizon. A teen romance between childhood friends, and the other a pairing of two friends who share a memorable past. It’s turning out to be one hot summer in Port Charles.