‘Big Brother’ Fans Predict ‘Camp Comeback’ Twist Will Highlight Season 21 Racism

Fans of the CBS reality show fear the new twist could backfire and give 'Big Brother' a really bad look.

Ovi Kabir and David Alexander are the first two houseguests evicted as of the first live show of season 21, on the CBS series BIG BROTHER, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network.
Sonja Flemming / CBS

Fans of the CBS reality show fear the new twist could backfire and give 'Big Brother' a really bad look.

Big Brother host, Julie Chen Moonves, promised a never-before-seen twist on the CBS reality show, and she definitely delivered. During Wednesday’s live eviction episode, Moonves blindsided the Season 21 houseguests when she announced the new “Camp Comeback” twist.

After houseguest Ovi Kabir was voted out of the game via a unanimous 12-0 vote, Julie told him to sit back down and listen up. That’s when she announced that, while Ovi is out of the Big Brother game, he’s not out of the Big Brother house. To the remaining houseguests’ horror, Moonves announced the return of last week’s eliminated houseguest, David Alexander, as well.

For Camp Comeback, Ovi and David will move into a “less comfortable” cabin inside the Big Brother house, per E! News. While the two can’t participate in competitions, cast votes or actually play the official Big Brother game, they can still play the social game. When there are four houseguests in Camp Comeback, they will get the chance to fight their way back in to compete for the $500,000 Big Brother grand prize.

Needless to say, the remaining Big Brother houseguests were not exactly happy that evicted players will still remain in the house. Newly crowned Head of Household, Jack Matthews, has already offered a “suggestion” that no one should talk game with the Camp Comeback kids.

Big Brother casting director, Robyn Kass, took to Twitter to ask fans their thoughts on the Camp Comeback twist, and the response was mixed. Many fans noted that Camp Comeback is simply Big Brother’s version of Survivor’s Redemption Island/Extinction Island twist, but others pointed out that this segregation-themed twist could be a bad look for the CBS reality show. Indeed, Big Brother has dealt with racism allegations in the past. In previous seasons, CBS has posted disclaimers to distance the network from the opinions of the cast.

For the new twist, one commenter wrote that Camp Comeback is a “sad attempt to save money on sequester hotel and keep minorities in the house.”

‘The casting director tweeting for feedback about it is the dead giveaway to the latter,” the commenter went on to write.

Others predicted that racist undertones will dominate this season’s Big Brother twist, especially since the first two comeback campers are non-white males.

“Imagine how it’s gonna look when @CBSBigBrother ends up with all POC sitting inside their camp comeback aka ‘the projects,’ while all the ‘non-ethic’ [sic] folks are chilling in luxury,” one viewer tweeted.

Below are some of the social media reactions to Big Brother Season 21’s Camp Comeback twist.

In an interview with Parade, Big Brother producers Rich Meehan and Allison Grodner described the downgraded Camp Comeback digs that will be a temporary home to the first four evicted houseguests.

“We imagined taking the worst summer camp cabin and making it into something very Big Brother. There are multiple places to sleep, but each place is bad to sleep on for a different reason. It’s not very nice or comfortable,” Meehan said.

Big Brother airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBS.