Serena Williams & Andy Murray Are The Wimbledon Dream Team Of Mixed Doubles

On Thursday, the world will finally get to see the golden team of mixed doubles as Serena Williams and Andy Murray take to the court at Wimbledon.

Town & Country shared that the two tennis powerhouses are a team that almost wasn’t, as Sir Andy first asked Ashleigh Barty, who turned down the offer from the recently knighted tennis wiz. It was after Barty demurred that the press asked Murray if he would consider teaming up with Serena, and in response, he gushed with compliments.

“Serena is obviously a brilliant player, has a great doubles record and is brilliant on grass obviously. She’s arguably the best player ever.”

Williams was recovering from a knee injury, but she spoke out to let the Murray team know through the media that she was game if he was.

“If you guys really want it, then maybe I’ll do it. All right, done, just for you guys. Don’t forget.”

Though the two gifted tennis greats have never played together, they do have a nice relationship off the court in what seems like a case of mutual admiration. Williams thinks highly of Murray’s feminism and the things he’s done to support women’s tennis, seeking gender equality in the game.

“I do not think there is a woman player who is not totally supportive of Andy Murray. He has spoken up for women’s rights, especially in tennis, forever.”

It seems that Murray’s mom, Judy, is fully behind the duo, and has told her son that Grand Slam winner Williams will be the boss of their team, explains Express. Some might think that this is old hat for Mrs. Murray, but she admits that she’s really excited to watch the two pull their skills to take on opponents.

Judy Murray confirms that she will be there to watch.

“Hopefully they can be the perfect match. It’s really exciting. Really fun to watch. Can they win it? You just need to wait and see. On paper they seem like a very strong combination but anything can happen in mixed doubles.”

The mother of Sir Andy confides that any mixed doubles coach will tell you the key is to “keep the lady happy.” She adds that not only should Serena be the boss, but she should also serve first.

Regardless of how they handle their teamwork, it sounds like the perfect match on paper might just be the perfect match on center court.

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