Amber Heard Reclines In Decrepit Bathtub, Drinks Red Wine & Serves Up Cheeky Caption On Instagram

Actress Amber Heard attends A24/DIRECTV's "The Adderall Diaires" Premiere at ArcLight Hollywood on April 12, 2016 in Hollywood, California.
Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Actress Amber Heard took to popular social media site Instagram on Tuesday amidst her legal battle with ex-husband and fellow actor Johnny Depp to post a photo of herself lounging in a bathtub while drinking a glass of red wine.

The photo is taken in what appears to be an old bar or restaurant — the bathtub itself is decorated in graffiti and old stickers, while a huge chunk is missing from one side. The rest of the room features antique wooden structures and walls, also covered in graffiti and paint. One part of the wooden wall is peeling back from the underlying structure, exposing white brick.

Amber is featured in complete contrast to the room around her, in a pretty, frilly skirt and crop-top combo. The matching top and bottom are red with tiny white triangles covering the fabric. The loose, ruffled skirt also includes a white border along the seam and along the waistband, where viewers get a glimpse of the actress’s tight tummy.

As the 33-year-old lies with one white-sandaled foot resting on the far edge of the tub, exposing plenty of sculpted leg, and the other leg bent at the knee, she has one hand thrown over her head and the other holding a glass of red wine to her lips.

As the Aquaman actress clutches the glass in a black-manicured hand, she rolls her black-lined eyes up to the ceiling in a cheeky expression. Her dark blonde hair is pulled back into a low bun, exposing her flawless skin and long neck.

Amber completed the post with a caption in which she jokes about how important good hygiene is, showing off her ironic side as she lies in a decrepit, dirty bathtub. The geolocation feature of the app also tagged the actress’s location as Budapest, Hungary.

Her 3.3 million followers gave the photo almost 250,000 likes in the first day of being posted and left her hundreds of comments expressing their love for her and their admiration of her beauty.


One Instagram user extended Amber’s caption by adding, “Or a good glass of fine red,” followed by a red wine emoji.

Another couldn’t get over the beauty of the photo, writing “Looks like a painting.”

Still another follower identified the location in which the photo was taken, commenting “Szimpla ruin pub? Brilliant place.”

However, most of the actress’s followers left comments about how gorgeous she looked in the photo, writing her messages such as, “You are so adorable! Love this pic” and “Such a dreamy photo.”