Coach K Meltdown [VIDEO]

coach k curses fans after they rush court

Coach Mike Krzyzewski dropped the F-bomb on Virginia fans last night in the aftermath of the Blue Devils 68-73 loss to the Cavaliers, as reported by Andrew Jones for Fox Sports. The jubilant Virginia fans stormed the court after their team won the game in the Charlottesville John Paul Jones Arena, and apparently it was the last straw for Coach K.

Jones reported that Krzyzewski had to “had to be restrained by security before being ushered into his locker room.” It seemed like unsportsmanlike behavior for the Olympics gold medal coach, who is widely admired for how he turned Team USA around to win men’s basketball in the 2012 Olympics.

Coach K’s performance as head coach for the Duke Blue Devils has also been impressive. According to his biography posted on the Duke Athletics official website Go Duke, he is a Hall of Fame coach and 12-time National Coach of the Year, in addition to many other achievements in college and Olympics basketball.

An Associated Press report for ESPN described the meltdown a little more tactfully: “Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski expressed concern for his players’ safety after the Blue Devils’ upset loss to Virginia on Thursday.” He told the AP, “When we’ve lost in the last 20 years, everybody rushes the court.”

ESPN noted that Duke has lost four road games this year, and that the opposing team’s fans have “stormed the court” every single time.

No doubt there’s a safety issue, but some observers called foul. After all, Coach K’s rampage, after a disappointing loss, could look suspiciously like someone lashing out in anger. Twitter users couldn’t resist weighing in on the fracas.


Here’s the video posted to You Tube by a fan CvilleMusicScene, but be cautious. It’s NSFW because of strong language.

What do you think about Mike Krzyzewski’s outburst? Does Coach K have a valid point, or did he finally snap after one road loss too many?