WWE Rumors: Yet Another Controversial Word Removed From WWE’s Banned List


Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw was a rather interesting one and it had quite a different feel to it at times. As reported by The Inquisitr, Paul Heyman is now the Executive Director in charge of Raw, and things are going to change up a bit. Last night, there was a major angle which led to explosions, Corey Graves cursing on the air, and WWE apparently taking another word off of the banned list.

The opening match of Raw saw Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman battling it out in a Falls Count Anywhere bout. The two superstars took it all around the arena and even through the LED Raw stage and screen which led to sparks and both men being stretchered out into ambulances.

When the big moment happened, Corey Graves even exclaimed “Holy sh*t!” and it wasn’t bleeped out by WWE despite there being a slight delay. Many feel as if that is the influence of Paul Heyman already being felt as changes begin to take place for the red brand.

One interesting thing of note from this whole chaotic scene is that the superstars were taken away in ambulances, and some fans noticed something. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio even realized that the announcers were using a word that Vince McMahon hasn’t allowed them to use for a long time.

Bobby Lashley is loaded into an ambulance on "Raw."
Featured image credit: WWE

It is no secret that there is a list of banned words and phrases in WWE as Vince wants to make sure that certain things aren’t thought of or insinuated. Some of the words and phrases make sense while others are overly humorous to those who aren’t in the business of professional wrestling.

Well, the word “hospital” is one of those words and it has long been on the list of banned words handed down from Vince McMahon. In the past, announcers will say that an injured person is going to a “medical facility” or something similar, but they would never refer to a location as a hospital.

By way of Ringside News, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reported that “hospital” was not just a slip as it happened on multiple occasions.

“They went with ‘medical facility,’ but they did say ‘hospital’ like two or three times which makes you go, ‘Oh, this is different.'”

Back in April, The Inquisitr reported how the word “belt” had been removed from WWE’s banned list due to Becky Lynch using the nickname of “Becky Two Belts.” Now, the word “hospital” being allowed on WWE television shows may not seem like a huge deal to anyone else, but it’s a sure sign that the times are beginning to change.