Billie Eilish Takes On Glastonbury With Bulldogs And A Surgical Mask On Festival Day 5

Billie Eilish is unpredictably predictable. The singer is predictable because she always makes news for her amazing voice while she’s unpredictable as far as her nifty sartorial statements are concerned. In turn, what she wears is predictably off-beat.

Take the 17-year-old phenom’s Glastonbury outfit. The Vogue Australia cover girl’s look included a baggy Stella McCartney ensemble — identified by Seventeen — that was emblazoned with cartoonish bulldogs bearing their big teeth as if to seem scary. They weren’t.

As for her face attire, Billie wore a surgical mask on Sunday that may or may not have been ready should any identifiable pollution crash into her realm. Chances are this accessory — distinguished from other, more mundane masks by its big embroidered X — had been just a way to add to Eilish’s own personal style. She wore the mask on her chin because, after all, how can a singer sing while wearing a mask on her mouth?

Eilish performed on the final day of the iconic Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Pilton, England. She was part of the world’s largest greenfield festival, surrounded by a good chunk — about 40,000 — of the approximately 200,000 attendees who stood in front of the Pyramid Stage to witness this musician’s magical prowess.

The crowd to witness this Californian’s artistry for one of the final performances of the five-day festival was made up of fans as young as 8, reported Variety. However, the majority were teens and preteens who knew almost every single lyric Billie sang on June 30.

Billie Eilish gave her all at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival

That said, anyone and everyone enjoys Billie’s astonishing voice with its clear tones and commanding texture. The fact that this Generation Z star does not convey sheer happiness was noticed by The Guardian in a column that reviewed her Glastonbury performance.

“She is a dark star. In control, but slightly out of it. Scarily good at tapping into the angsty teenage girl in all of us. The one who sets fire to things for fun. The one who puts spiders in her mouth. The one who wonders a lot about being dead.”

Billie Eilish performed on day five at the Glastonbury Festival

Angst is Eilish’s safe word. Her songs include such anthems as “Bury A Friend,” “Bad Guy,” and “All the Good Girls Go to Hell.”

The sensitive singer-songwriter also loses her cool at any given moment, but she is quick to get over herself. For instance, during her Glastonbury set, the sound experienced technical difficulties to which Billie became “angry as f*ck.”

She remedied that situation by going into a mad dance, turning all attention on her moves rather than her voice. Saved again.

No doubt Billy Eilish will get frustrated at her next concert, too. After all, that’s partially what makes this amazing performer, well, amazing.