Kaley Cuoco Moves On From ‘The Big Bang Theory’ As She Celebrates Her First Wedding Anniversary

Kaley Cuoco played Penny on The Big Bang Theory for 12 seasons but now new episodes of the hit CBS show will be seen on the small screen. Even though her characters last name had never been revealed during the program’s long run, she was the breakout female star of the situation comedy’s ensemble cast.

In fact, many fans thought Kaley was actually married to her on-screen husband, played by Johnny Galecki. She wasn’t. This weekend the actress celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her equestrian spouse named Karl Cook.

Also unlike her celluloid persona, Cuoco has set her sights on having children one day. She has already deemed herself “a helicopter mom” even though the 33-year-old has no kids — yet, states USA Today.

So, as Kaley considers her options regarding when to have children, she has picked up an option to star in an hour-long streaming series. It’s called The Flight Attendant. The dramatic thriller — which tells the story of “a woman who gets caught in a web of deceit after waking up in a Dubai hotel room next to a dead body and not knowing how she got there” — is based on Chris Bohjalian’ 2018 novel of the same name.

The hour-long show, made for Warner Media, will stream in early 2020, according to Variety on Monday, who quoted Cuoco.

“I love that Warner Bros. is my home away from home, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue this incredibly collaborative and gratifying relationship… They’re stuck with me now!”

Kaley is talking about the fact that The Flight Attendant‘s pickup came at the same time as Cuoco’s production company — Yes, Norman Productions — signed a fresh deal with Warner. The deal states that Yes, Norman will develop original projects aimed at everything from broadcast to podcast to streaming television for “multiple Warner Bros. TV platforms.”

The deal also includes “an additional talent holding provision for Cuoco’s future acting services.”

With this upcoming project being seen to fruition, Kaley looks like she will have her hands full while fulfilling the terms of her new contract. Actually, she has already started multitasking.

Besides The Flight Attendant, this top notch thespian’s voice is set to star in Harley Quinn. Cuoco’s company is also going to produce the animated half-hour adult that comes from DC Universe.

In addition, the show business maven and her active firm have purchased the rights to a psychological thriller called Sick Girl, Rachel Hargrove’s bestselling novel, states CNN Entertainment.

Apparently, Kaley Cuoco has a bright future just like she did in the past when starring in CBS’s big hit show, The Big Bang Theory. Stay tuned for more from this multi-talented woman-on-the-go.

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