Chloe Grace Moretz Had An Obsessed Fan Show Up On Her Property

An unknown man managed to trespass onto the 22-year-old star’s LA property.

Chloë Grace Moretz attend the 2019 Met Gala
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An unknown man managed to trespass onto the 22-year-old star’s LA property.

Chloe Grace Moretz had a frightening experience with an obsessed fan, TMZ reports. Around midnight on Sunday, an unknown man appeared in front of the star’s Los Angeles home. According to an officer, the fan had managed to find Chloe’s address and drove to her house. Once parked, he climbed over her entry gate and proceeded to knock on her front door. Chloe was reportedly away from home during the ordeal.

Moretz’s family members convinced the man to leave the property and dialed 911. Officers arrived, discovering the man inside his vehicle, still parked outside the home. TMZ revealed the man is currently under custody for misdemeanor trespassing. His bail is set at $1,000.

Unfortunately, Moretz has had prior experience with disturbed fans.

In March of 2017, TMZ disclosed a man, about 18-years-old, skateboarded to her property and knocked on her door with a container of cookies in hand. Chloe remained inside and informed law officials of the trespasser. Before the LAPD arrived on the scene, the skateboarder was long gone.

Later the same year, The Daily Mail reported the 22-year-old star and her then-boyfriend, Brooklyn Beckham, were stalked by Terry Daniel Quick. In a legal document obtained by TMZ, the actress is said to have feared for her safety, believing Quick was dangerous. The report described the stalker following her to her home, a concert, and a club. Quick’s Twitter posts were also menacing. On his social media platforms, he obsessively declared his love for Moretz.

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It is said in the document, on November 29, 2017, Quick tailed her car leaving LAX. He then entered the premises of the home. The actress’s brother was able to intervene before the situation escalated, calling the police. As officers detained the stalker, he claimed he was Chloe’s fiance.

Soon after the frightening incident, Moretz sought out legal protection. As stated in The Daily Mail, Chloe was granted a temporary restraining order against Quick for three years. As per the restraining order, Quick cannot get within 100 yards of Beckham, Moretz, or her family.

Chloe’s history with stalkers may have helped her prepare for her role in the recent film Greta. Moretz’s character Frances falls victim to an unhinged woman who continually shows up to her workplace, uninvited.


Thankfully for Chloe, the LAPD immediately offered their services, unlike the police officers in the film.

This October, Moretz will be lending her voice to play Wednesday Addams in the upcoming Addams Family remake.