Janet Jackson Called ‘Unrecognizable’ At Glastonbury Performance Amid Plastic Surgery Rumors

Janet Jackson has been at the center of plastic surgery rumors, and her recent performance in England is adding more fuel to the fire.

The singer was the target of a recent report by Radar Online that claimed she had some obvious work done, including a nose job and facelift. The report quoted South Carolina plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Shimpf who said that there were “striking differences” in Janet’s nose and eyes.

Schimpf, who has not treated Jackson, said there were signs that she had eyelid surgery and an eyebrow lift as well, along with work to her nose.

“Janet’s nose also appears to have undergone a significant transformation and she has a much smaller nose now as a result of rhinoplasty. In addition, as part of her nose job, her nasal opening has been reduced or made smaller,” Schimpf told the celebrity gossip outlet, basing his opinion on pictures of the singer.

Radar Online followed up on that report on Sunday, sharing pictures from Janet Jackson’s performance at the Glastonbury Music Festival in England. The report claimed that she looked “unreconizable” at the performance and took aim at her for apparently turning in a lackluster performance. Many concertgoers took to social media to accuser her of lip syncing,

The report included a gallery of pictures of Janet Jackson and pointed out where it appeared that she had plastic surgery done, even dubbing her a “Plastic Princess.” One of the sections was labeled “Freaky New Face” and speculated that Janet could be following in the footsteps of her brother, Michael, who was widely panned for his extensive plastic surgery.

It added speculation from Dr. Schimpf that Jackson had gotten more than a few rounds of Botox injections in her face, leaving the singer with “no lines of expression” around contours near her eyes.

But many fans seem to disagree with Radar Online’s assessment of the legendary singer. Many took to social media to praise Janet Jackson for her Glastonbury performance, with many sharing pictures and videos. Others praised the performance as vintage from the legendary singer, who two years ago gave birth to her first baby at the age of 50 and has since returned to performing.

Janet Jackson has long been a popular target for tabloid fodder, with many other past reports claiming she has gotten plastic surgery. Many of these reports have been off the mark, including the frequent reports about her love life.

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