Anderson Cooper Defends Anne Hathaway From Academy Awards Criticism

Cooper Defends Hathaway

Anderson Cooper is defending Anne Hathaway from a wave of hate the Oscar-winning has been receiving for her perceived snobbiness at the Academy Awards.

On Thursday’s edition of Anderson Live, the host marveled at how much hate Hathaway was receiving for her acceptance speech and her decision to change dresses at the last minute, Us Weekly noted.

“In our morning meeting today, we were talking about this and the level of hatred people have towards Anne Hathaway; I had no idea. She seems like a perfectly lovely person,” Cooper said in defending Hathaway. “I don’t understand. She’s incredibly talented, she seems like a lovely person, I think she’s been through a lot. People have all these judgments about her; they don’t know what she’s really like … It upset me.”

Anderson Cooper also argued with a co-host who called Hathaway’s acceptance speech “terrible.”

“The amount of pressure she must feel knowing all these people hate her — give her a break,” Cooper said. “She seems like a lovely young person. Again, people form all these opinions on people based on nothing. You have no actual evidence.”

Anderson Cooper added that he doesn’t know Anne Hathaway personally, but was perplexed at where all the hate was coming from.


“I had no idea this whole hatred existed, I feel like I’ve just woken up and realized the entire universe is attacking her and I feel bad for her and I am defending her,” Cooper said.

Hathaway‘s speech was panned by Oscar viewers who said she sounded snobby, and the vitriol increased when Hathaway revealed that she had practiced the address, The Huffington Post reported.

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