WWE Rumors: Huge Names Coming In For ‘SmackDown’ Premiere On Fox – Former World Champs, Hall Of Famers

WWE is looking to make the premiere of 'SmackDown Live' on Fox as big as possible.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gives The People's Eyebrow in WWE.

WWE is looking to make the premiere of 'SmackDown Live' on Fox as big as possible.

At the beginning of October, WWE is taking SmackDown Live off of the USA Network and moving it to Fox. Around the same time, All Elite Wrestling will have their weekly television show debut on TNT and the wrestling wars will officially be back on. With both of these huge wrestling TV shows beginning this fall, WWE is looking to bring in as many big names as possible to help elevate the blue brand.

SmackDown Live will officially move to Fox and begin its change back to Friday nights on October 4, 2019. When that happens, WWE really wants to make a big deal of this premiere and make it a huge event, and not just a move from one network to another.

Uproxx reported that WWE is inviting a number of celebrities to attend with the hope that it will make the premiere a prestigious event. The hope is that the first episode of SmackDown Live on Fox will be celebrated like a major boxing match, and having it take place in the Staples Center in Los Angeles will help this happen.

Along with wanting to get celebrities and movie stars, WWE is also wanting to bring in major wrestling names as well. According to Barnburner Radio Network, by way of Ringside News, WWE is hoping to have Brock Lesnar on the debut, as well as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ric Flair.

Ric Flair smiles during a segment on "Monday Night Raw."

Joe Peisich said on Barnburner that WWE hopes to have even bigger names in the ring or on the show for the celebrities in attendance. Obviously, The Rock would be one of the biggest, as he always draws a lot of attention and the show is named after one of his signature catchphrases.

With AEW starting their weekly television show on TNT at some point around the same time as the blue brand’s move to Fox, Peisich says WWE is going into panic mode.

“WWE is sort of pushing a panic button and trying to call former guys, new guys, whatever — they’re trying everything here.

“I have also heard that for the first SmackDown on Fox in LA they’re trying to get The Rock, they are trying to get Brock Lesnar, they are trying to get Ric Flair into it.”

One of the smartest things that WWE could have done for the premiere of SmackDown Live on Fox was to have it take place in Los Angeles. Not only will this make it easier for celebrities to attend the event, but it will make it more likely that people like The Rock will be able to be there as well. Right now, nothing is confirmed, but the blue brand’s move in October is looking to be a star-studded event.