Caitriona Balfe Takes It Easy On Twitter, Flaunts Long Legs & Bare Feet In Grassy Meadow

Actors and actresses spend plenty of time on set waiting around while scenes they aren’t a part of are filmed. Actress Caitriona Balfe, who gained international renown after being selected to star in the series Outlander, knows the experience well. The star shared a cheeky photo on Twitter recently in which she was lounging in a grassy paradise waiting for her scenes to come.

Balfe seems to have made herself very comfortable, with a quilt and pillow visible in the photo, and a book that she’s reading resting between her legs. While she’ll likely have a costume change at some point, as her Outlander outfits are primarily period looks that cover up a fair bit of skin, for the moment she’s content to allow her long legs and bare feet to get a bit more sun-kissed. She shouted out to her costar Sam Heughan in the post, joking that she’d like him to take as long as possible in the scene he’s filming so that she could continue her sunbathing.

The stunning actress actually got her start as a model before she ever dreamed of entering the entertainment industry. As Magill reports, the Irish beauty was discovered when she was collecting money for charity outside of a shopping center in Dublin.

Nowadays, Balfe is busy learning her lines for new episodes of the wildly popular show, which she’s starred on since 2014.

Last year, when fans were waiting for the fourth season of the show to premiere, Balfe spoke with Parade about her childhood growing up in Ireland. She also shared her favorite things about her Outlander character, Claire.

“Her empathy and her ability to connect with people and understand the difference of right and wrong and where justice should be — that’s all of the stuff I love about her. And her capacity for loving and living and even fighting so immensely. She has such an immense capacity for feeling, and that’s such an incredible thing to be able to play. You get to really go for the big emotions and express yourself quite strongly. Playing her has given me a lot of confidence and strength that I don’t think I had five years ago.”

While it’s hard to say how long any show will last, Balfe will have the opportunity to play Claire for a little bit longer. As The Hollywood Reporter confirms, Starz opted to renew the show for seasons 5 and 6. Fans will have quite a few more episodes to get to know the characters and be swept into their fantastical storylines.

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