Lauren Conrad Reunites With ‘Laguna Beach’ Boyfriend Stephen Colletti After Skipping ‘The Hills’ Revival

The former MTV stars shot a funny PSA for a parking app in their California hometown.

Former Laguna Beach stars Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti attend events.
Jennifer Graylock/Jesse Grant / Getty Images

The former MTV stars shot a funny PSA for a parking app in their California hometown.

Lauren Conrad was too busy with her career and family life to consider returning for MTV’s buzzy revival of The Hills, but she made time to shoot a PSA with ex-boyfriend and former Laguna Beach costar Stephen Colletti. The former MTV stars recently teamed up for the launch of a parking app in their Southern California hometown. Conrad and Colletti filmed a PSA titled “Late for a PSA” to promote the new Laguna Beach parking app, Hollywood Life reports.

In the hilarious ad, which you can see below, a frustrated Lauren Conrad is painfully trying to find parking on a crowded Laguna Beach street as her publicist tells her she should have downloaded the city’s new parking app.

At the end of the clip, the former Laguna Beach star’s high school love interest, Stephen Colletti, rides past her in a trolley and calls out to her, “Let’s face it, Lauren. You should have used the app.”

Conrad’s cameo in the Laguna Beach parking PSA dropped on YouTube on June 28, just four days after The Hills: New Beginnings premiered on MTV.

As for why she agreed to appear in the PSA, Conrad told Patch she was “happy to help contribute” to making the parking experience better for Laguna Beach residents and visitors.

“Laguna is my home and such a special place to visit and the city’s app is a wonderful solution to the parking congestions we experience over the summer.”

Before she headlined the original incarnation of The Hills, Lauren Conrad was the star and narrator of MTV’s teen coming-of-age reality show, Laguna Beach. The high school-set series featured Conrad’s love triangle with Stephen Colletti and nemesis Kristin Cavallari.

But some of the drama was allegedly made for TV. According to E! News, in Cavallari’s tell-all book, Balancing in Heels, the Laguna Beach “villain” revealed that producers orchestrated the reality TV love triangle as they encouraged her high school beau, Stephen Colletti, to spend a lot of time with his former girlfriend Lauren Conrad as MTV’s cameras rolled.

Kristin admitted that while the scenes provided “some juicy conflict” for the show, in real life she was deeply hurt to see her high school boyfriend’s flirtations with Conrad.

While they haven’t appeared on TV together in years, Stephen Colletti previously told Us Weekly that he still keeps in touch with Conrad, who was affectionately known as L.C. during her Laguna Beach days.

“I wouldn’t say a lot, but we definitely keep in touch,” Colletti said of his current relationship with the fashion designer. “Holidays and birthdays and whatnot, you always chime in and say hello and whatnot. We’ve always been friends.”

Colletti also revealed that he wasn’t surprised that Conrad said “no” to The Hills: New Beginnings reboot, pointing out that she doesn’t need to do another reality show.

“I mean, she did it for so many years and she’s got what she’s always wanted. She’s got her fashion line, that whole empire that she’s built, and that’s what it’s always been about for her. And, you know, I think that she doesn’t need to do it.”

As for a future reboot of Laguna Beach, Colletti said it “could never happen” due to the premise of the high school-themed reality show.

“We were such young little bucks when we did that show and it’s obviously not something that we’d be able to do again,” Colletti said. “I like that I got to be a part of Laguna when it first started there and that was way back in the day, and you look back on it with fond memories of just how young we were, you know?”

Fifteen years after their relationship played out on Laguna Beach, Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti have moved way on from their MTV days. Conrad, who is currently expecting her second child with husband William Tell, is an entrepreneur, author, and fashion designer. Colletti went on to work as an actor on shows like One Tree Hill and Hit the Floor.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Mondays on MTV.