Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Kim Seeks Shiloh’s Help, But Instead Talks Too Much

Kim Nero spills some sordid details on Julian's grandson.

General Hospital stars Tamara Braun and William deVry.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Kim Nero spills some sordid details on Julian's grandson.

Kim Nero has just spilled the beans on Friday’s General Hospital. She is distraught over losing Oscar, has nowhere else to turn, and is desperate to have a baby. While fans thought that she was calling Shiloh Archer over to her place in order to ask if he would father her child, that wasn’t quite what she wanted after all. Kim was seeking his advice on his ways of persuasion — he is the master after all. Unfortunately, the visit took a turn for the worse.

It wasn’t exactly what viewers expected. Kim is out to have a baby and everyone seemed to think that she was calling him over to ask the Dawn of Day leader to have a baby with her. In fact, he assumed that’s what she wanted as well. Instead, Kim told him that she realizes that Drew is the only one who can give her what she seeks the most, but she needed Shiloh’s expertise on convincing Drew. Their chat eventually turned to Julian, which she might find herself profusely apologizing for, according to SheKnows Soaps.

Kim has played a huge part in Shiloh figuring out where his son is. This storyline is finally making some progress, which has certainly pleased General Hospital fans. They are looking forward to the moment Micheal is reunited with Jonas, aka Wiley. For now, everyone will be doing whatever is necessary to keep Shiloh from gaining custody of the baby. However, a DNA test would definitely prove that Shiloh has no rights to Wiley after all.

As The Inquisitr pointed out, Monday’s episode will have Shiloh piecing everything together after his chat with Kim. She told him about Julian’s distraction of helping with his son’s custody fight. Once she spilled to Shiloh that they were trying to keep the child away from his dangerous father, his wheels started spinning. Thanks to Kim talking too much, Shiloh now knows where his son is.


Of course, Kim had no idea that Shiloh is the dangerous man that he is, or that he is Julian’s grandson’s daddy. Julian did clue her in on Shiloh’s misdeeds — she was shocked when he told her, but didn’t put two and two together on him being Wiley’s father right away.

Kim will be heartbroken once she realizes that she was the one who got the ball rolling on Shiloh finding out about Wiley. To be fair, you really can’t blame her too much. She is seeing her dead son all over the place, and she had no idea that Shiloh was preying on young women. She was also taken in by his teachings.

Will Julian forgive Kim once he finds out what she spilled to Shiloh? It is all about to blow up, so don’t miss a minute of ABC’s General Hospital.