Ben Affleck's Ex, Shauna Sexton, Reportedly Dating A Man That Looks Like The Actor

Ben Affleck fans had quite a roller coaster of a summer last year, when the actor dealt with his alcohol addiction head-on. Fans also likely remember all of the gossip and drama surrounding his alleged girlfriend at the time, Shauna Sexton.

Shauna, who is a Playboy model, dealt with all of the ups and downs of being connected to a big-name Hollywood actor. In particular, she was criticized heavily for her party-loving ways, which she defended around the time she was believed to have been dating Affleck.

Their breakup was also very public, with the model initially denying the claims. Eventually it was clear that the two decided to part ways for whatever reason. Since then, Affleck had been reportedly dating his ex-girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus. However, a month and several days after People Magazine reported this news, another update revealed they had split.

"[Lindsay] has a kid and an ex-husband and a job in New York and Ben has his family and a job in L.A. and while they love and respect each other they just realized it wasn't going to work. They really gave it another solid try," according to an insider that spoke with People Magazine.

Meanwhile, Shauna didn't have any new partners that were being reported on. That is, until now. According to Radar Online, Shauna is dating a 32-year-old business owner named Jeffrey Scarborough. Eagle-eyed fans noticed his introduction to Sexton's feed on June 27, when she penned a message to him.

"Don't die hiking the Alps, see you in a few weeks," she wrote.

There's not a ton of photos of Scarborough to peruse at the moment, but the ones that were posted by Radar Online shows a man with arguably some resemblance to Affleck.

Meanwhile, Sexton is keeping things rolling on her Instagram with updates. Her newest post shows her in several sexy poses at the beach, as she rocked a leopard-print bikini. In the first photo, the model lay on her left side while accentuating her derrière and playing with her hair.

The following photo showed her sitting up in a seductive pose, as she showed off her cleavage. Her hair was down with a heavy right part. Behind her, you could see the ocean. The update has received over 5,400 likes so far.

Fans can keep an eye on Shauna's social media for potential news about her and Jeff. For now, it looks like she's moved on to a man closer to her in age.