Spoilers For Monday’s ‘General Hospital’: Brad’s Panic Grows As Shiloh Pieces Everything Together

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The walls are closing in on Brad, and General Hospital spoilers tease that he may soon be exposed for the lies he has been telling for nearly a year now. Shiloh has caught some lucky breaks, and it seems only a matter of time now before the full truth about Wiley being Jonah emerges.

As viewers saw during Friday’s show, Kim inadvertently told Shiloh just what he needed to know in order to fit the puzzle pieces together regarding his son. Kim had no idea Shiloh was connected to Lucas’s custody battle, and once Shiloh ran into a frantic Brad, he became confident he had finally figured out where his biological son is.

Of course, Brad is especially frantic because he knows that Shiloh isn’t Wiley’s biological father – Michael is. Shiloh pinpointing Wiley as the child Willow gave birth to will lead to his needing to take a DNA test to prove paternity, and Brad has no easy way to explain that the baby won’t be a match.

Julian knows that Wiley isn’t Shiloh and Willow’s child, but he doesn’t know that the baby is really Jonah, Michael and Nelle’s son. Brad is desperate to figure out how to manage all of this without losing Lucas and Wiley, and General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Monday’s show shared that he’ll end up voicing his concerns to Michael.

Brad will tell Michael that keeping custody of Wiley might be easier said than done. While Michael may share a hint of what he knows about Shiloh being responsible for Willow’s father’s death, he has no idea that Brad is backed into a corner and faces the risk of losing Wiley no matter what happens next.

As Brad holds on tightly to Wiley, fearing what is on the way, Shiloh will make a phone call. This may well be to his lawyer, and he’ll note that he now knows where his son is. Of course, he doesn’t have proof yet, but all signs point toward this situation picking up a lot of speed in the coming week or two.

SheKnows Soaps shares that Chase will voice his concerns, seemingly to Mac. He’ll be worried about Willow and anxious to protect Wiley, and it’ll be interesting to see just how much Chase reveals about what he knows. General Hospital spoilers share that Mac will work some magic during Monday’s show, and it seems likely this is connected to Willow or Shiloh.


When will all of this finally come to a head? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there may be major developments that happen, beginning with the episode airing on Wednesday, July 10. Kim will be apologizing to someone and Willow will start to focus on healing. In addition, Sam will be feeling relieved, but Lucas will be left shaken and leaning on his sister.

Could it be that Brad sticks with his story that Willow and Shiloh’s son died, and the current Wiley is a homeless woman’s son? That would explain why a DNA test wouldn’t show Shiloh as a match and likely put an end to that risk in terms of custody of Wiley. However, that only gets Brad out of so much trouble.

Lucas will still be furious to learn what Brad knew, and if this is the route this storyline takes, that means that Willow has to cope with the fact her son died months ago. General Hospital spoilers tease that there could still be complications ahead with both Nelle and Harmony at Pentonville, and fans probably shouldn’t count on Shiloh leaving town quite yet.

This storyline has taken a lot of twists and turns, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there might still be a few yet to be revealed. Fans are quite anxious for Michael to get his son back, but it looks like that reveal may come separately from the shocker emerging that Willow and Shiloh’s baby died.