WWE News: Details On Brock Lesnar’s Contract With WWE And When It Expires

"The Beast" may be around for a while even if he isn't seen often.

Brock Lesnar smiles after capturing the MITB briefcase.

"The Beast" may be around for a while even if he isn't seen often.

After it was revealed that Brock Lesnar wasn’t leaving WWE after WrestleMania 35, many wondered how long he’d be around. Word came out that he was “done” with UFC and wouldn’t be going back there, but was he going to stick around Vince McMahon’s company? Well, it not only appears as if he’s involved in big-time storylines, but he’s going to likely hold onto that Money In The Bank briefcase for quite a long time.

When Lesnar entered the Men’s Ladder Match at Money In The Bank, everyone wondered just what was going on. Not only did he enter the match, but he worked a grand total of about three minutes and won the bout after snagging the briefcase.

Shortly after that, he teased cashing in the briefcase a number of times, but that didn’t happen. After Lesnar learned he had a full year to cash in his title shot, he decided to hold onto it and come back when he absolutely felt like winning a championship.

Fans wondered how that was going to work because they figured he wouldn’t be around much longer in WWE.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., Lesnar’s current contract doesn’t expire until 2020. The exact month isn’t known, but it is expected to be in either May or June of next year.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman head to the ring.

Lesnar’s last contract was signed in November of last year and expired in April around WrestleMania 35.

UFC president Dana White said that Lesnar had retired from UFC and that he wouldn’t be returning for another fight. Once that was out in the open, it was only a matter of time until he signed a new deal with WWE and it’s even believed he was using UFC as leverage for more money from Vince McMahon.

It isn’t known when Lesnar will be seen again, but it’s expected that he’ll have a match of some sort at SummerSlam in August. The big question from this point, though, is if he will continue to be accompanied by his business adviser Paul Heyman.

As reported by The Inquisitr, WWE has just recently named Heyman the executive director of Monday Night Raw in a non-televised role. Over on SmackDown Live, Eric Bischoff was brought back to take the same spot for the blue brand. Even though Heyman’s new position won’t be for an on-air role, it is quite likely that he’ll continue to accompany the “Beast Incarnate” to the ring.