Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Lucas Loses It With Shiloh, May Have Let A Hint Slip

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Lucas is not in the mood to take any more from Shiloh Archer, as seen on Thursday’s General Hospital. The Dawn of Day leader has caused enough harm in Port Charles and has the potential to take Wiley away if he finds out about the adoption. Shiloh was busy taunting Sam when Lucas came barreling out of nowhere and attacked him.

Lucas’s actions certainly startled Shiloh for a minute. He backed off when Lucas warned him to leave his sister alone. Then he started shouting things about his family, which left Shiloh a little confused. He mentioned Brad, and then his son as well. Lucas told him to leave them alone. The look on Shiloh’s face when he mentioned his family may have been a hint of things to come. Friday’s spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that while Shiloh will be busy visiting with Kim Nero at her apartment, Brad will be making plans to keep his family safe.

The previews revealed that Brad wants the three of them to run. That seems to be his plan, but Lucas will most likely put a stop to that. The whole thing is about to get ugly once everything blows up in Brad’s face. Unfortunately, Lucas may have given Shiloh something to think about when he lashed out at him.

Shiloh certainly took notice on how vicious and protective Lucas was. He most likely wouldn’t be that hot if he was just trying to protect Sam, and Shiloh knows that. Sam can take care of herself. There is a likelihood that Shiloh may assume that he was protecting Brad from Dawn of Day. However, Lucas was intent on protecting Wiley from Shiloh, too, and he was pretty vicious about it.

If Shiloh thinks long and hard about the whole scene in the park, he may remember that Willow acted the same way. Plus, she has been seen with Lucas and Brad a few times before. Shiloh is a smart guy and may just put all the pieces together.

Sam had to force Lucas to stop babbling in anger because she knew that he was saying too much, especially talking about his family. She was afraid that he was going to say something more that would give Shiloh strong hints that something is up, which would explain Lucas’s violent anger towards him. He finally settled down enough to realize that he could have done some damage, but Sam assured him that she thought everything was fine.

Will Shiloh wonder what Lucas was talking about and start digging around for info on his family? Keep watching General Hospital as the time for Michael to be reunited with his son inches closer to becoming a reality.