Madonna’s Graphic ‘God Control’ Music Video Makes A Statement In Support Of Gun Control

In recent years, gun violence has increased exponentially, with more and more fatal shootings happening each month. There continues to be mixed opinions regarding how to solve this issue the nation continues to face, with some saying mental health needs to be made a higher priority while others feel that gun control is the only viable solution. Among those who are calling for higher gun control is Madonna, who makes a strong statement in support of further restriction upon gun rights in her most recent video, “God Control,” according to Fox News.

The over-eight-minute video starts out with a warning that what the viewer is about to see is graphic. Viewers then see a gunman open fire upon a nightclub, where men and woman are dancing and drinking. Glasses fall to the ground while gunshot victims are shown laying on the floor. Madonna, one of the people dancing in the club, is also shot down.

As the video concludes, viewers see real footage of gun control rallies across America, as well as footage of young people learning how to use guns. News tapes from past show children running out of their schools after real shootings took place.

Essentially, Madonna was looking at this video to be a lot more than just a catchy song or a form of entertainment. She wanted it to further encourage Americans to stand up against gun violence, as she stated in the video’s description.

“This is your wake up call. Gun violence disproportionately affects children, teenagers and the marginalized in our communities. Honor the victims and demand GUN CONTROL. NOW. Volunteer, stand up, donate, reach out. Wake up and insist on common-sense gun safety legislation. Innocent lives depend on it.”

The video, which was just posted Wednesday, already has well over 1 million views. But not everyone likes the way Madonna chose to get her message across.

Patience Carter is a victim of the real Pulse Nightclub shooting which took place in Orlando in 2016. While Carter appreciated the message Madonna was trying to convey, she felt there could have been a far better way to do the video, without all the gore.

“I understood what she was trying to do with bringing awareness to the topic of gun control, but I definitely felt that wasn’t the right way to go about doing it. Because, for someone like me who actually saw those images, who actually lived those images, to see them again dramatized for views, dramatized for YouTube, I feel like it was really insensitive.”

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