‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Rumor Has It That Hayden Crashes A Party

Rich PolkGetty Images

Rebecca Budig is returning to General Hospital to reprise her role as Hayden Barnes. Fans are excited to have her back, but there is at least one resident of Port Charles who may not be as thrilled about her return. Many have speculated on what will bring her back and how she will make her grand entrance. Rumors are swirling that she will be crashing a big party very soon.

While there aren’t any details that have been revealed on Hayden’s return, there are a few clues that may point toward the answer. Daytime Confidential put up a few upcoming spoilers and one of them mentions a mystery woman about to descend upon Port Charles. That is bound to be a reference to Hayden Barnes. She is expected to show up sometime this summer, and it’s getting very close.

Another clue comes from summer spoilers by SheKnows Soaps. They remind fans that Franco and Elizabeth will be celebrating their nuptials with a party soon. They are already married as they wed in a jailhouse ceremony, but these two lovebirds want to party with their friends and family since they didn’t have a traditional wedding ceremony. The General Hospital spoilers also tease that the celebration will have a few twists and turns. That certainly sounds like there could be a couple of surprises in store.

What a better surprise than to have Liz’s sister, Hayden, show up unexpectedly? That would make Liz happy, but that may not go over very well with a certain person on their guest list.

Finn hasn’t seen Hayden since she left town in 2017. She was pregnant at that time, but then later wrote a letter to Finn detailing that she had miscarried their baby. However, it was revealed that she did not lose their child. Her baby bump was seen as she was writing the letter. Now that she is returning to General Hospital, fans have been wondering if her baby will be with her. Did she keep the child or put it up for adoption?

Finn is currently newly engaged to super-spy Anna Devane. She is out of town for the summer, so that leaves Finn in quite a predicament with his ex in town and his fiancee gone. Many things were left unsaid when he last saw Hayden. Just recently, she had sent him a request to meet with him. He ignored it as he is now involved with someone else. There is another spoiler that Finn will soon be involved in some type of a medical mystery. Fans are wondering if it has something to do with their child or even Hayden herself.

More details will be coming quickly, so keep checking back for more General Hospital updates as they happen.