‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Third Time Could Be A Charm For Kim’s Baby Quest

Craig SjodinABC Press

Kim Nero wants a baby desperately, as viewers have witnessed on General Hospital this week. After losing Oscar to cancer just weeks ago, she wants a part of him to live on, and that means giving him a brother or a sister. Julian has already said that now is not the right time, and Drew is the most man whom Kim has propositioned. It would have been a perfect fit since they conceived Oscar 16 years ago. However, he also thinks that she needs to stop with her baby fever and give herself time to grieve her son. It looks like Kim just won’t take no for an answer as she schemes to come up with another plan.

The other plan will include Shiloh somehow. According to General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, Kim will make a decision that will affect the two men who just turned down her request for a baby. SheKnows Soaps also indicates that by Friday, Shiloh will be summoned to Kim’s apartment. That is certainly not a good decision on her part, especially when it comes to involving him in having a baby.

There is always a chance that he shows up for another reason, but it does appear that she will bring up the possibility of helping her become a mother again. Shiloh would likely jump at the chance to make himself a father again. He is still on the search for his son with Willow, but another child would come in handy, as he likes to train the children of Dawn of Day to his liking.

This is why Kim’s decision to have a child with Shiloh, or even him donating sperm, would be a terrible idea — he would certainly lay claim to his baby. This plan would most certainly rattle Drew, not to mention Julian, who has been breaking the law just to keep Wiley safe from Shiloh.

There are no other details on whether Kim will actually go through with it. If one of the guys gets wind of what is about to happen, they would certainly intervene, but will it be too late?

Kim is not thinking straight. She’s been acting very irrationally and needs to go get some help to deal with her intense grief. Maybe she will be one of Kevin’s new patients soon. Kim told Drew that she believes that this is what Oscar would want for her. Will Oscar reappear to warn her away from Shiloh?

Keep watching to see the interaction between Kim and Shiloh this week on General Hospital.