Ryan Seacrest Shares Hilarious Story Of The Time That He Clogged Kris Jenner’s Toilet

Charley Gallay Getty Images

Ryan Seacrest is revealing all of his dirty secrets.

As fans know, Seacrest and the whole entire Kardashian clan are incredibly close, as Ryan serves as one of the executive producers on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. He regularly talks about the famous family on his daytime show Live With Kelly and Ryan, and today was no exception. During the segment, Ryan explained to fans that he was visiting Kris Jenner’s mansion in Hidden Hills, California, when he needed to use a bathroom.

Of course, there were many to choose from, but the one that he ended up picking out was in the entryway of the home. When her co-host was setting up the situation, Ripa chimed in, joking that the bathroom was likely made of “complete jade.” As the 44-year-old continued on the with the story, audience members couldn’t help but chuckle.

When he entered the bathroom, Seacrest said that he encountered an electronic toilet that was black in color, making it really hard to see any of the buttons. To make matters even worse for him, the bathroom was dimly lit, with just a little bit of light coming off from the candle — he was unable to find the light switch.

“So I go to the bathroom,” the talk show host continued “And I use the toilet paper, and put it in the thing, and try to find the flush, and I can’t find the flush. So now what do I do? I can’t find the flush and someone is going to come in and use the toilet.”

“The technology was messed up, and it wouldn’t flush.”

When he finally locates what he thinks is the button to flush the toilet, the water started to rise and that’s when panic really set in. He told Ripa and the audience that he debated whether or not to use what Kanye West may call a “poop di scoop,” since he really was out of any other solid ideas.

“I’m thinking to myself ‘What do I do?’ Do I stick my hand in there? Do I say, ‘Hey Khloe, don’t tell Kim and Kourtney, but can you help me out over here?’ Or do I just tell Kris, I think your toilet has got a problem?” he asked.

Ripa joked that when someone is in doubt they should go to “the mom,” but the 44-year-old admitted that he was too embarrassed. At the end of the day, Ryan did what he thought was best and decided to just leave the room and not do anything about the situation. He then joked with the audience, asking them not to tell anyone.