Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Phyllis Noses Out Her Kidnapper

Cliff LipsonCBS

Hot off the press The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Phyllis figures out who kidnapped her, and all it takes is her nose.

Right now, Phyllis believes that Adam (Mark Grossman) kidnapped her, but all that is about to change. For now, Adam allows Phyllis to believe that if he rats out Kevin (Greg Rikaart), then Adam will reveal the news that Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) is alive and he kidnapped her. Adam has good reasons for keeping those details under wraps, especially since he’s in the middle of a custody case for Christian,

Poor Kevin often gets the short end of the stick, though, and when Phyllis has a computer problem and asks Kevin for help, all it takes is one whiff of him for Phyllis to realize he is the person who kidnapped her. Y&R head writer Josh Griffith recently told Soap Opera Digest the juicy details of the storyline,

“Kevin quickly realizes that he’s in hot water but does his best to hide his guilt. However, Phyllis does a good job of backing Kevin into a corner, hoping he will break and confess what he did to her,” Griffith revealed.

Kevin’s main concern is Chloe and their daughter, Bella. He does not want to risk exposing Chloe to possible charges for her attempted murder of Kevin. There’s a reason Chloe faked her death, and they’ve been living happily in Portland, Oregon, together since then.

Phyllis is shrewd, and she does her very best to make Kevin spill the beans about what he did. In all likelihood, she’ll want to know why he did such a thing, which could mean complete devastation for Chloe. At the very least, Phyllis will find a way to leverage this information for her own benefit if Kevin is unable to keep from cracking and blowing his cover.

“Despite his best efforts, Kevin is flustered. It also doesn’t help when Phyllis presses him to divulge the real reason that he’s in Genoa City. Kevin knows that he needs to watch his back. He can’t afford to let Phyllis or anyone else stand in the way of his plans with Chloe,” Griffith elaborated.

Phyllis is not one to give up easily, though, and The Inquisitr reported that it looks like she tries to choke Kevin sometime this week. Unless he can come up with something very quickly, Phyllis will likely find out. Perhaps Kevin will spin a good tale that satisfies Phyllis’s curiosity — for now at least.