WWE News: WWE Teases Romance Between Two Superstars In LGBTQ Storyline

WWE has always had a way of pushing the envelope when it came to different storylines, but things haven’t gone quite as far since the “Attitude Era” ended. However, this may all be about to change, though, as was proven by an angle that took place after a match on this week’s SmackDown Live. While not confirmed, it does appear as if WWE is heading toward a romance angle that will fully involve the LGBTQ community.

For almost two years, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville have been associated with one another. They were a part of Paige’s Absolution stable and have since moved on to be tag team partners and always have one another’s back.

WWE has also teased that there was something more than friendship between them for quite a while. It now appears almost a certainty that the promotion is pushing ahead with this angle, and it could end up being one that is very successful or brings a lot of backlash.

On this week’s SmackDown Live, Deville pulled out a victory over Ember Moon and as usual, she had Mandy Rose in her corner. After the match was over, Rose jumped into the ring to congratulate her friend, but fans noticed that the shared moment went on a bit longer than expected.

According to Wrestling Inc., this is the direction that WWE is heading in, and it could lead to an on-air romance between Rose and Deville.

It is no secret that Deville is a homosexual, and she has often been referred to as the first openly gay female superstar in WWE. With WWE looking to boost ratings in any shape or fashion, it would not be out of the question for them to want to delve into the idea of a same-sex romance storyline.

While some believe this is not anything out of the ordinary, UPROXX believes it could also go horribly wrong for WWE. The site breaks down the possible directions that the company could go in with this storyline and each has some risky steps that would need to be taken with care.

Back in 2001 and 2002, Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo formed a tag team simply known as “Billy & Chuck.” They ended up being two-time WWE World Tag Champions, but their storyline brought so much more to the table than their title reigns.

Both superstars were overly affectionate toward one another which led to everyone believing they were in a homosexual relationship. Eventually, that angle led to an on-air wedding between the two which was to further push a feud with 3-Minute Warning.

It’s not exactly known which is the exact direction that WWE is going in with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, but the hints are surely there.

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