Lyssa Chapman Retweets Memory Of Beth Coming To Her Defense, ‘Running Screaming,’ On ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’

Christopher PolkGetty Images for Wonderwall

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are anxiously praying and waiting for updates on Beth Chapman as her cancer battle intensifies. She has been in a medically-induced coma since last weekend and reports have suggested that she may not be able to bounce back after this latest medical crisis. As everybody waits, Beth’s family members have been sharing a lot of memories. Despite some rocky times in their relationship last month, her stepdaughter Lyssa took to Twitter and Instagram to share some as well.

On Tuesday, Lyssa shared a photo via Twitter that showed her some years back alongside Beth. While Beth looked tough and serious, Lyssa was smiling. She didn’t include a caption of any sort, but it was clear that she was sharing this as a positive show of support for her stepmom.

After that, a number of Dog the Bounty Hunter fans shared their favorite memories of the two women from the show. Lyssa retweeted one particularly wild one and several others chimed in noting that the incident referenced was their favorite, too.

“Hands down my favorite too. I remember her saying over the radio that she was going to make sure he’s arrested & she would be at every hearing every trial & then Tim Chapman said she will too your [sic] in trouble dude. It was the best.”

One follower shared a clip from YouTube containing the moment everybody was talking about.

“The last like minute is when everything unfolds. I don’t know the family dynamic and no family is perfect but in this moment Beth was going to kick some fugitive a** for touching her daughter.”

Another pointed out that Beth’s “passion for her family is everything.”

Lyssa shared that same throwback photo via her Instagram Stories and included a few other ones as well. It is clear that many in the Chapman family, and the extended Dog the Bounty Hunter family, are embracing memories of better times as they wait to see if Beth can bounce back from this major health setback.

The Inquisitr recently noted that these weren’t Lyssa’s only shows of support for Beth since the heartbreaking news of the coma situation emerged. She took to Instagram over the weekend to share another photo. This comes in the wake of a pretty ugly feud Beth and Lyssa got into around Mother’s Day.

Despite their past differences, Lyssa has been by the family’s side in Hawaii and hoping for the best. It’s not clear what the outcome will be for Beth Chapman at this stage, but Dog the Bounty Hunter fans love seeing Lyssa and the rest of the family come together during this difficult time.