‘Big Brother’ Fans Find A New Heartthrob In Jason Momoa Lookalike Jack, AKA ‘Jason Mimosa’

This summer's hottest houseguest is a dead ringer for the 'Aquaman' star.

Big Brother 21 contestant Jack Matthews
Monty Brinton / CBS

This summer's hottest houseguest is a dead ringer for the 'Aquaman' star.

Big Brother already has a bona fide superhero in the house for Season 21. Tuesday’s premiere of the CBS reality show introduced the 16 new houseguests, but one of them was a serious standout. BB21 fans couldn’t help but notice that hunky Big Brother houseguest Jack Matthews, a 28-year-old fitness trainer from Tampa, looks like Aquaman star Jason Momoa.

Jack’s new housemates immediately picked up on the similarity, but it was houseguest Kathryn Dunn who turned the comparison into major meme material. During the intros, Kathryn said Jack looked like “Jason Mimosa.” Twitter users pounced on the hilarious faux pas which changed the Hollywood star’s last name to the champagne-and-orange-juice cocktail.

Big Brother fans flocked to Twitter to declare that Jack Matthews will be called Jason Mimosa for the rest of the summer. Hey, at least the initials match!

“Don’t care what his real name is,” one Big Brother fan tweeted. “He’s officially Jason Mimosa for the summer.”

“Pretty sure my wife is only watching #bb21 this year because of Aquaman or Jason Mamoa or Jason Mimosa,” another BB watcher wrote on Twitter.

Other fans pointed to Kathryn Dunn’s “blonde” moment.

“Kathryn- I’m not the dumb blonde Also Kathryn- Jason Mimosa…#bb21,” another fan tweeted.

Is that #BBJack or… ? ???? #BB21 pic.twitter.com/02BET2vRjt

— Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother) June 26, 2019

While Jack/Jason stood out due to his good looks, fierce physique, and potential to be Jason Momoa’s stunt double, he was also highlighted on the Big Brother premiere due to his quick connection with Jackson Michie, who was voted the Big Brother camp director in the first twist of the season. Jack and Jackson’s bromance is already in full force, so they could be the pair to beat this summer in the Big Brother 21 house.

According to his Big Brother bio for CBS.com, Jack describes himself as “honest” with integrity and character. His favorite activities include CrossFit and photography, and his best friend and bedmate is his dog, Layla, who was seen in his intro package for the CBS reality show.

Matthews also said his strategy to win the Big Brother game is to be honest and maintain his integrity and good character — has he ever seen the show? — and he plans to keep things simple as he navigates his way through the CBS summertime house on the quest for the $500,000 grand prize.

As for physical competitions, the Jason Momoa lookalike will be a competition beast. Jack Matthews can “snatch” 275 pounds and says he can walk on his hands “for quite some time.”

You can see Big Brother contestant Kathryn Dunn’s hilarious Jason Mimosa mixup below.

#bb21 oh i know she did not just say, jason mimosa i’m—— pic.twitter.com/AVIAJaAZrj

— ???????????????? (@BlGBROTHERIVAN) June 25, 2019

Big Brother airs all summer on CBS.