Camille Grammer Reveals Why She Hit ‘Below The Belt’ During Heated ‘RHOBH’ Blowout With Dorit Kemsley

Nicole WeingartBravo

Camille Grammer’s emotions were running high during the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The Bravo star, who lost her Malibu home to the Woolsey fire last fall, was reeling in the aftermath of her personal tragedy when a night out with her RHOBH co-stars ended with a blowout fight with Dorit Kemsley.

During a heated exchange that culminated after Teddi Mellencamp-Arroyave called her a “flip-flopper” who “speaks out of both sides” of her mouth, Camille directed her wrath at Kemsley, according to TooFab. After admitting her past smack talk about Dorit, Camille admitted that she didn’t “trust” the new RHOBH star.

“I didn’t know where you were getting all this money from,” Grammer told Kemsley.

Dorit blew up as Camille recounted a conversation she had with her husband, PK Kemsley, in which he revealed that he filed for bankruptcy in the past. In flashback footage, PK Kemsley is shown saying he “ended up a billionaire” but got “taken down.” Camille questioned how the Kemsleys were able to maintain such a lavish lifestyle that includes Bentleys, diamonds, and high-end fashion.

Dorit fired back to explain that her husband “built a $2 billion business from zero,” but in 2008 “his business went bust” and he claimed bankruptcy, much like “many successful men.” A furious Dorit Kemsley also asked why Camille was bringing this up now, 10 years later, when PK was back on his feet financially, and Grammer did not hold back in her response.

“Your husband owes out a lot of money to somebody very, very closer to me. … I know your husband owes over $1 million to a company. It’s bad. There’s lawyers involved, too….I know things for certain.”

Several of Camille Grammer’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars chastised her for “crossing the line” by going after Dorit’s husband, but Camille insisted she was simply “protecting” Dorit. During a later confessional, Dorit Kemsley described this Camille as “downright vicious and mean.”

On her blog for Bravo posted after the RHOBH episode aired, Camile Grammer rehashed the mean girl gang-up that prefaced her heated exchange with Dorit.

Grammer wrote that reliving the loss of her home was “devastating,” but that the snarkiness of the “Puppy Gate Girl Gang” was also distressing as they called her out over a People magazine interview she gave about her empathy for Lisa Vanderpump. Grammer described the doomed dinner party as a “take Camille to task” outing as her co-stars took advantage of her weakness amid her post-fire ordeal.

“I walked into an ambush,” Grammer wrote. “Following a short appetizer of feigned sympathy, I was treated to a main course of scorn and antipathy…”

Camille Grammer went on to explain that she had simply had “enough” and went off on her co-stars as they took turns calling her out for things she said in the past. Grammer also admitted that she now feels bad for some of the things she said to Dorit as she was reeling from the loss of her home and the death of her longtime assistant.

“At the dinner, I simply had enough of this and gave my unvarnished, unfiltered feelings about how I felt at the moment living in the aftermath of the losses I experienced. I felt bad immediately afterward for saying the things I said about Dorit as they hit below the belt. I wish I had not succumbed to their relentless pressure and made the remarks I made. I was hurting, taken by surprise, and overwhelmed by the enormity of events that I just experienced.”

Teddi Mellencamp also wrote about the Camille-Dorit fight on her own Bravo blog, saying the conversation about the Kemsleys finances went “too far.” Teddi wrote that she warned Dorit to stop talking and not engage in the conversation with Camille because Grammer was clearly not coming from a place of “genuine worry or friendship.” Teddi also noted that it is rude to talk about how much money someone has in the bank, and she questioned how Camille would feel if anyone brought up her husband David C. Meyer’s finances or how she got her money.

While this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blowout will surely pick up on next week’s finale, no names were mentioned during the exchange between Camille Grammer and Dorit Kemsley. The Blast recently posted details of an ongoing lawsuit that accuses PK Kemsley of not repaying a $1.2 million loan from 2011.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.