June 25, 2019
What Happened To 'General Hospital' Star Kin Shriner? Scotty Worries Fans With Injury

General Hospital fans always love to see the character of Scott Baldwin on their television screens. Actor Kin Shriner has been playing the role for decades now, but his appearance during Tuesday's episode rattled fans a bit. Shriner apparently was injured recently in an accident and now Scotty is being shown as injured as well.

Those who follow Shriner on social media may have already picked up on this injury. However, it caught some off-guard as Scotty was featured in new General Hospital scenes while kneeling on a scooter to get around.

Earlier this month, Shriner shared some photos showing him getting around this way in real life, and a General Hospital fan asked what happened. The actor posted on Twitter that there had been a boating accident of some kind, but he didn't share additional details.

As General Hospital fans would typically expect, Shriner seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about this situation. He shared a couple of photos via Twitter and joked about how Scott Baldwin has just the right gadgets to get by during this recovery.

A few days ago, Shriner shared via Twitter that his injury forced him to miss out on a big Vespa rider parade he had been planning to do. General Hospital fans shared plenty of messages of support, hoping for quick healing, and many loved the photo he shared.

For the most part, the character of Scott is only seen occasionally on General Hospital these days. Fans would love to see Baldwin get a juicy storyline of some sort, perhaps a romance with Ava or a regular courtroom-related stint.

The latest General Hospital spoilers made available don't hint at anything big on the horizon for the character of Scotty, but viewers can keep their fingers crossed for something more substantial once Shriner's injury has healed.

Things have been getting increasingly intense for many in Port Charles in recent days, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that will continue as the summer moves forward. What can the writers put together that will pull Kin Shriner's character of Scott Baldwin back into a more prominent place among the crowded cast?

General Hospital fans have plenty of ideas about how Baldwin could be better utilized, they just need Shriner's injury to heal and the writers to make an effort to kick things up a notch for this long-time fan-favorite character. In the meantime, it does appear that Kin is holding up well and that he's not letting this accident keep him from filming as Scotty as needed.