WWE News: Fan Hilariously Name-Dropped CM Punk Last Night During ‘Monday Night Raw’

Despite the fact that he’s been gone from wrestling for years and may never return, WWE fans still chant the name of CM Punk. Until the day comes where he returns or is simply too old to wrestle any longer, it’s going to continue to happen. WWE can edit them out at times or have announcers talk over them, but one kid actually name-dropped CM Punk during Monday Night Raw and nothing could be done about it.

CM Punk parted ways with WWE in early 2014 and it was not a good breakup, to say the least. It was at this point that Punk essentially said he was done with professional wrestling and moving onto a career in MMA.

Punk has had two fights in UFC and lost both of them, which has led to him doing some announcing work for other promotions. Since leaving wrestling five years ago, though, fans have continued to hope for his return and that one day he’d make a comeback to WWE.

As time goes on, that whole dream appears less and less likely. Still, fans are going to continue chanting his name at events and hoping that his music will hit to signal his official return. But in the case of some fans, they are a bit more obvious in who they think is the best wrestler in the world.

During commercial breaks at televised events, WWE does whatever they can to entertain the fans in attendance. That can include giving away merchandise or superstars coming out to speak with the crowd, or announcers/interviewers interacting directly with the fans in the seats.

Last night’s fan interaction was exceptionally hilarious and it’s a good thing for WWE that it didn’t air on television.

A Twitter user by the name of DaddyDuggan tweeted out a pic of a young kid being interviewed by Sarah Schreiber. The fan had been asked about wrestler nicknames and after a few, he was asked which superstar has the nickname of “Best In The World”? He gave a simple and short answer and one that brought about some great crowd reactions.

“CM Punk.”

For the longest time, Punk went by the nickname of “Best In The World” and it was even what most of his WWE merchandise said. Of course, that wasn’t the direction that Schreiber was going in, as she hoped the fan would actually respond with “Shane McMahon.”

Shane McMahon wins the "Best In The World" trophy.

At last year’s Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, there was a tournament for the WWE World Cup. Shane McMahon was a late entry in this tournament and he ended up winning it all by defeating Dolph Ziggler in the finals and becoming the self-proclaimed “Best In The World.”

Now, every time he is introduced by that nickname, fans in attendance usually start up a chant for CM Punk. WWE may really want to think twice about using Shane McMahon’s nickname as a trivia question when speaking with a very smart crowd.

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