Kris Jenner Talks About Her First Conversation With Jordyn Woods Following Cheating Scandal

Dan Istitene Getty Images

Anyone who follows the Kardashians or their reality series knows how close model Jordyn Woods used to be to the whole family. She was best friends with Kylie Jenner and employed by Khloe Kardashian’s clothing brand, Good American. She even once lived at Kylie’s vast California estate and was one of the first people to find out that the makeup guru was pregnant with her daughter Stormi Webster. That familial bond was ruined when Woods went to a party with Khloe’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson and ended up making out with him, according to People.

This story quickly became one of the biggest betrayals and cheating scandals of reality television. Kardashian has a 1-year-old daughter named True whom she shares with Tristan. After being cheated on by the NBA player once already, she decided to give things a second try for the sake of her daughter. The fact that Thompson cheated on her once again, this time with one of her closest friends, was a shock to fans everywhere.

On last evening’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we finally got to see the family’s real reaction to the cheating scandal, including the Kardashian matriarch herself.

Kris Jenner wanted it to work out between Khloe and Tristan as much as her daughter did. She never expected Jordyn to be the one to cause a rift between the pair.

“I’ve always felt like she was another daughter. I feel heartbroken for Khloe. It’s really tough when you go through a major betrayal. It’s hard to believe that Jordyn was involved in this, and I am so disappointed in Tristan. I feel heartbroken for Khloé. She really wanted this relationship with Tristan to work.”

Kris talked about her first conversation with Jordyn following the news of the scandal breaking. While she was sympathetic to the fact that Jordyn was extremely upset, she let her know that she was prepared to support Khloe first and foremost.

“She was crying and said that she was sorry. I said, ‘You need to tell this to Khloé, too. … I have to have Khloé’s back. She’s my baby, she’s my daughter. Until you work this out with Khloé, it’s never going to be okay with the rest of us.”

So how did Kylie, Jordyn’s best friend react to the incident? Kylie chose the side of her older sister. While she left the future of their friendship open, she did acknowledge that her friendship with Jordyn will never be the same again.