‘Jersey Shore’ Star Goes Topless To Show Support For Marriage Equality

Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley spoke out against Proposition 8 in a unique way, The Huffington Post reported on Thursday, February 28.

The soon-to-be-married Farley posed topless for the NOH8 campaign that seeks to counteract views opposing same-sex marriage endorsed by 52 percent of California voters in Prop 8.

While Prop 8 defines marriage as “only … between a man and a woman,” JWoww said it should be a right reserved for everyone.

The issue is one that hits close to home for Farley, who said her best friend Joey and his boyfriend are gay and have been together for seven years.

“He [Joey] wanted to get married so bad for like the last four years. Three months before the law was passed, he went to a courthouse for the common law, and I don’t want to say they disrespected him, but they just treated him like another number,” Farley said.

“I think everyone, gay, straight, should be able to have that and cherish that and have all the pictures, the family, everything. It’s really important to me,” she added.

The cause is so important to JWoww, in fact, that she sought out the NOH8 campaign for participation in the photo shoot, which features Farley wearing duct tape over her mouth and breasts.

“I actually hit them up after a Twitter follower of mine goes, ‘I know you’re big into anti-bullying. Have you ever thought about doing the NOH8 campaign photo shoot?'” Farley told MTV Act.

“I … approached them on Twitter,” JWoww explained. “I followed them and they followed me back. I messaged them so I wouldn’t embarrass myself being like, ‘Hey, you guys want to do a photo shoot with me?’ I love your cause. I think it’s amazing.’ They completely agreed.”

(The entire photo shoot was posted to the official website of NOH8.)

Do you support JWoww’s decision, and what are your thoughts on the photos?

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