Reality Steve Doubles Down On Massive ‘Bachelorette’ Spoiler Shift On Hannah Brown’s Final Rose Recipient

Robert ClarkABC

Hannah Brown’s final rose has already been doled out to one of her remaining bachelors, but it will take a few more episodes before fans get to see it happen on-air on The Bachelorette. Spoilers have been swirling about who ends up with Hannah, and spoiler king Reality Steve recently turned everything upside down in what he has teased. In his latest podcast, he addressed how chaotic this has been.

Reality Steve’s podcast, shared via his blog, started out by addressing the change he just made in his Bachelorette spoilers. Shortly after filming wrapped in May, he was given information that he believed was solid enough to report. At that time, he said that Hannah chose Tyler Cameron and the two got engaged.

However, he now says that this initial Bachelorette spoiler was incorrect. Instead, Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal Hannah picks Jed Wyatt and that is the contestant she is engaged to at this point.

Naturally, fans are questioning this change in spoilers. Some had suspected his initial scoop was wrong, and some are hoping at this point that he’s wrong again. In his new podcast, he addressed all of the buzz among fans.

“When I change my spoiler, when people have had Tyler in their head for a month, and they’ve watched the show and they’ve convinced themselves it’s going to be Tyler, when I change it to Jed, I understand that a lot of people just aren’t going to accept that and aren’t going to believe it and are going to need some kind of proof. Well, I can’t give you any proof… So, because I don’t have proof doesn’t mean the spoiler isn’t right…”

Reality Steve noted that now there are a lot of different rumors floating around at this point. Given the big shift he just made in his Bachelorette spoilers, plenty of people are going to continue to doubt things until the finale.

There are plenty of questions and requests from Bachelorette fans asking that Reality Steve prove how he came to change his spoilers about Hannah being engaged to Jed instead of Tyler. However, he never reveals his sources, and he insists that he’s seen what he needs to see in this case to be confident in the change he’s revealed.

“I ain’t mad at ya if you don’t believe it, because there’s nothing I can do to back up what I say. All I can tell you is that in May, when I was being told about Tyler, I was led to believe that was correct information. It ended up not being, because the stuff I’ve been hearing about Jed for about three weeks now, I was like, okay, I need to look into this… I can tell you that she’s engaged to Jed… the source who told me it was Jed is solid.”

As Reality Steve hyped this latest podcast via his Twitter page, he acknowledged that last Tuesday was one of the craziest days in the history of his site. That blog post was the initial one where he blew everybody away by changing his final rose spoiler for Hannah’s season, and it sounds as if it’s been a whirlwind since then.

Reality Steve did note in his podcast that there are times he has changed a Bachelorette spoiler like this before. As much as some fans are hoping he’s wrong in this case, it’s worth noting that he’s never been wrong on a final rose spoiler when he’s changed it mid-season like this. In the case of Desiree Hartsock Siegfried’s season, he had the spoiler wrong all the way through the end, but that is the exception, not the norm.

In other cases, like with Rachel Lindsay and Kaitlyn Bristowe, Reality Steve’s initial Bachelorette spoilers were wrong, but his revised ones nailed it. Is that the case with Hannah Brown’s season and this newly-revised ending? Will he be right that Hannah is engaged to Jed Wyatt, not Tyler Cameron?

The Bachelorette finale with Hannah’s final rose ceremony airs on Monday, July 29. Everybody will be very anxious to hear from Hannah, Jed, and Tyler to get updates on what went down and where things stand now. In addition, Reality Steve will be thrilled to be vindicated at that point if he indeed got these revisions right.