‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ Professions Translated To Traditional Gaming Roles

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the location-based augmented reality game in the same vein as Pokémon GO, offers players the chance to choose from three different professions: Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor. For first-time players, this choice might seem confusing, and there’s nothing worse than starting a game in a class that’s completely the wrong fit. Luckily, you’re free to switch classes at any time, per Eurogamer. Nevertheless, Wizards Unite Hub offers lots of information on each class, and we’ve translated each one into traditional gaming roles to make things a bit easier.

Aurors Are Fighters

The Auror can be classified as a detective, bounty hunter, or police officer that aims to protect the world’s citizens and combat the forces of evil. The main role of the Auror is to deal damage, and as far as the main characters of the book series, Harry Potter is an Auror.

  • If you usually pick classes like warriors, knights, or other fighting classes, stick with the Auror.
  • Aurors deal more damage to Dark Forces but take more damage from Beasts.
  • Best Skills: Power, Critical Power, Precision
  • Worst Skills: Defense, Accuracy, Stamina, Max Focus, Protego Power

Professors Cast Magic

Just like Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore, who are responsible for teaching wizardry in the world of Harry Potter, the primary role of Professors is to cast magic. Out of the three main characters in the book series, Hermione is a Professor.

  • If you usually pick a mage or wizard in other games, the Professor is your best bet.
  • Professors deal more damage to Curiosities but take extra damage from Dark Forces.
  • Best Skills: Max Focus, Accuracy
  • Worst Skills: Defense Breach

Magizoologists Are Healers

The role of Magizoologists is to take care of the magical beasts of the Wizards Unite world and focus on healing. In terms of the Harry Potter universe, Hagrid and Newt Scamander definitely fall into this class — and maybe even Ron.

  • If you typically choose a priest or healer class in other games, Magizoologist is your best bet.
  • Magizoologists deal more damage against Beasts but take extra damage from Curiosities.
  • Best Skills: Defense, Stamina, Initial Focus
  • Worst Skills: Power, Critical Power, Precision

Although the game was just released, Eurogamer reports that Reddit anecdotes suggest that the Professor is the best class and players have the easiest time taking down enemies when playing as one. But remember that you can switch classes as you like. Just remember that any Scrolls you invest in a class cannot be transferred to another.

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