Katie Holmes Enjoys Basketball With Mystery Man

Katie Holmes enjoyed a basketball game at Madison Square Garden with a mystery man on Wednesday night.

The pair were seen laughing and joking throughout the contest, which they watched in a pair of court-side seats. However, the mystery man was later revealed to be the 34-year-old’s agent, Adam Schweitzer.

Schweitzer, who was also clearly wearing a wedding ring, had Holmes in stitches. The Batman Begins actress has been focusing on her daughter, Suri, since she split with her husband Tom Cruise.

A representative for Katie Holmes remarked that Adam is in fact Holmes’ new agent and that he is happily married with children.

The pair didn’t seem too focused on the match, which was between the New York Knicks and the Golden State Warriors, as they repeatedly whispered messages into each other’s ears. The Knicks went on to win the match, 109 – 105.

Holmes was also clearly very friendly with the footballer, Victor Cruz, who was sat on the other side of Adam.

The actress has had a lot of free time on her hand recently as Suri has been spending several days with her father in London.

A source told E!, “Last week, Tom sent his private jet to NYC to pick up Suri so she could come to London and spend some time with him. He is currently staying at a hotel just outside of London. She spent five days with him.”

The insider also added, “He has been working quite long hours on the set, but he was able to have some time off to be with her. They had a really lovely time.”