Donald Trump Comment: Wow Is All That You Can Say

Donald Trump’s comment is just, well, wow.

The real estate mogul made a comment on the show Shark Tank on Twitter earlier this month and for some inexplicable reason it has become a viral joke.

Donald Trump’s comment has been passed from one Twitter user to the next with one word, “wow,” and a link.

According to The Verge, Mark Gurman, a senior editor at 9to5Mac, was patient zero for the viral joke.

Gurman posted a link to Trump’s comment along with the word Wow. One of Gurman’s Twitter followers decided not to retweet the message, but to post his own link with the word Wow. This link led to Gurman’s tweet, which in turn lead to Trump’s comment.

The tweet link continued to grow until it got so big that people started looking to Google and Yahoo to find out what everyone was wowing about.

And yes, it has a pretty disappointing ending.

Ben Jacobs, who joined the chain early on, said:

“I’m very surprised it took off like it did. Honestly, I think the whole thing is pretty dumb. If I was annoyed… the day after, I can only imagine what folks are feeling now. This is the first I’ve encountered anything like this but I doubt it’ll be the last after how it’s caught on.”

So if you’re wondering what’s at the end of the Wow twitter chain, here’s Donald Trump’s comment.

Yep, that’s it. A typical message of self promotion from Donald Trump.

Most Twitter users were slightly disappointed to click through the chain and end up at the semi-boring tweet. Thankfully, the Donald made a much more wow worthy comment on The Wendy Williams Show.

The real estate mogul was joined by his daughter Ivanka on The Wendy Williams Show today and things got unnecessarily sexual. Williams asked Ivanka what she had on common with her father. Ivanka, a relatively normal human being, said golf. Donald was asked the same question and responded… well, just wow.