Former ‘Playboy’ Model Kayla Rae Reid Shares Struggles With Bouncing Back, Post-Baby

Many celebrity women who have gone through pregnancy while in the public eye know the pressure to bounce back to their pre-baby bodies as quickly as possible. That pressure is likely even greater for individuals whose entire career is based on their appearance, like Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid.

Reid recently gave birth to her second child with professional swimmer and Olympian Ryan Lochte, and she was open and honest with all her followers about what the postpartum journey is like. She shared a shot on Instagram that was taken three days after she gave birth, and she didn’t try to get all glam for her 403,000 followers. Instead, she got real.

Reid has gone through the post-baby stage before, and as People reports, she’s always been honest about the process and how her body responds.

“My body has always been a major factor for work for me. It has always been a ‘job’ to remain in shape and that’s what has always kept me motivated. Having kids has had to make me work twice as hard because I am truly just not one of the people to ‘bounce back’ effortlessly,” she said.

Given how many celebrities put forth the narrative that their baby weight simply melted off, Reid’s honesty is refreshing.

Reid and Lochte are already parents to son Caiden Zane, and now, they have a baby girl in the family: Liv Rae. The duo welcomed Caiden in 2017, so now they’re busy with two little tots running around the Lochte household.

As People reports, Reid and Lochte tied the knot in 2018, first at a private ceremony in their home in Florida, and later at a more luxurious celebration in California. The two have wasted no time in expanding their family.

While she isn’t as well known as Lochte, who captivated the world with his goofy personality and has 12 Olympic medals to his name, Reid did achieve some degree of notoriety thanks to her modeling gigs. She graced the pages of Playboy and was even the “Playmate of the Month” in July of 2015.

There was a time when Reid primarily shared glam bikini photos, but nowadays, her feed is a lot more family-oriented. She’s shared pictures of herself throughout her pregnancies, and often posts cute shots of the whole family out and about doing some kind of activity.

Though she claims to not bounce back effortlessly, she did manage to get back into incredible shape after her first baby, so she will likely reach the body she desires after baby No. 2 as well; it will just be on her own timeline.

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