‘The Lion King’ Gets ‘American Idol’ Treatment [Video]

When Zoanette Johnson took the stage last night on American Idol no one had any idea what she was going to sing. Zoanette, wearing a curly mane of blonde hair, stunned the judges by launching into the Oscar nominated song “The Circle Of Life” from The Lion King.

After the performance, Keith Urban said:

“Zoanette, I just want to say. First of all, I have no clue what you’re going to do and sometimes I wonder if you do, too. But, man, forget the king of the jungle, You’re the queen of the jungle right there.”

Nicki Minaj also appreciated the song choice, saying:

“That song was such a smart choice. Because it matches who you are and where you’re about to be and where you’re from.”

American Idol doesn’t see a lot of Broadway songs but Zoanette was able to impress the judges. The judges may have been impressed with Zoanette but will America feel the same way. Rolling Stone reports that Zoanette is currently in the top 20 so we’ll soon find out.

Here’s the video of Zoanette Johnson singing “The Circle Of Life” from The Lion King.

What did you think of Johnson’s rendition of the classic song?

“The Circle Of Life” was one of three songs nominated for an Academy Award from The Lion King. “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” ended up taking home the award.

Here’s the video of the famous opening sequence of The Lion King.