WWE Rumors: Special Guest Referee At 'Stomping Grounds' To Be Mysterious Returning Superstar

It is no surprise that WWE's upcoming pay-per-view Stomping Grounds has been dealing with some troubles which included very slow ticket sales. When sales didn't really pick up, WWE attempted to shake things up a bit and add more to the card. That included a special guest referee for the WWE Universal Championship Match and rumors of who that may be have become rather strange and mysterious.

Baron Corbin failed in capturing the Universal Title from Seth Rollins at Super ShowDown earlier this month, but he will get another chance on Sunday. This past week, it was revealed that Corbin would be able to name his own special guest referee for the match and he tried to do that, but it didn't go so well.

Corbin named a bunch of candidates such as Ethan Carter III and Eric Young, but Rollins ended up taking them all out with a steel chair. Monday Night Raw ended without a referee in place for what is expected to be the main event at Stomping Grounds.

As the new pay-per-view draws ever closer, many are wondering who will don the stripes and step into the ring with Corbin and Rollins. A new rumor has started floating around from Reddit and it reveals that the special guest referee spot may finally lead to the return of a repackaged Bray Wyatt.

WWE superstar Bray Wyatt opens the door to kick off an episode of 'Firefly Fun House' on WWE Monday Night Raw.

For weeks, fans have seen Wyatt's segments on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live which detail his new gimmick with the "Firefly FunHouse." Despite the strange nature of these segments, fans have long awaited his return to the ring or even live on television and it simply hasn't happened.

The rumor coming from Reddit should be taken as pure speculation, but it really does make a lot of sense. It states that one of the "main names" being considered as the special guest referee is Wyatt and that it will be a payoff for the "Hurt/Heal gloves."

The way the storyline could end up going is that Wyatt would "listen" to the heal side of things and end up doing the right thing in the match. He would count the pin for Seth Rollins which would allow him to retain the WWE Universal Title.

After the match, though, Wyatt would "hear" the hurt side of things and attack the champion. This would end up leading to a feud over the championship and a possible title run for Wyatt not too long after his return.