WWE News: Current Champion Actually Loses Title During His Own Wedding

When the WWF Hardcore Championship was in existence, the 24/7 rule was attached to it which led to some absurd title changes. With that same stipulation being turned into the new WWE 24/7 Championship, that is going to lead to some really wacky and strange moments on television. So, if you can believe it, that very title was actually lost by Drake Maverick during his own wedding.

This past week on SmackDown Live, Maverick was able to capture the WWE 24/7 Championship for the first time in his career. He was able to win it from R-Truth who has been the primary superstar to hold the belt since it was created weeks ago.

On Thursday, Drake Maverick was at his wedding in Orlando and prepared to marry the woman of his dreams. He proposed to former WWE Mae Young Classic competitor Renee Michelle a couple of years ago, and this is the day that he's anticipated for a long time. Unfortunately, it ended up turning into a nightmare instead of a dream after the couple exchanged their vows.

The official YouTube channel of WWE posted a video on Friday morning which showed a small portion of the wedding, but it was the aftermath which was so interesting. Earlier in the day, Maverick posted pics of himself with his groomsmen which included Braun Strowman and Ethan Carter III, but he was also proud to display his title.

The WWE 24/7 champion couldn't have had a better day, but all good things must come to an end. After kissing his bride and celebrating with EC3, Maverick was walking down the aisle when R-Truth crashed the wedding because the groom had something that belonged to him.

Maverick came face-to-face with a WWE referee and had a look of shock on his face because he wasn't sure what was going on. Before he could fully realize it, he was rolled up from behind and pinned by R-Truth, who captured the title to become a six-time 24/7 champion.

Obviously, it was one of the best days of his entire life, but things took a turn after the ceremony had come to a close. The day before with Maverick's bachelor party and the fun he had with his friends only added to the excitement of his wedding, but he was the 24/7 champion and there's always a risk associated with it.
Since its creation, the WWE 24/7 Championship has changed hands more than a dozen times, but only one superstar can have the most title reigns. On Thursday, Drake Maverick thought he had it all as he married the woman he loved and had gold around his waist, but R-Truth was there to take at least one of those away from him.