‘Law & Order SVU’ Airs Chris Brown Episode: Rihanna’s Character Is Murdered

Law & Order: SVU rips many of its headlines straight from real world scenarios. Last night, the shows writers didn’t just rip a popular story from the headlines: They killed Rihanna.

In an almost play-by-play blow from the Chris Brown playbook, the show’s creators feature Mischa (Rihanna), a pop singer who refuses to testify against her abusive boyfriend, Caleb (Chris Brown), after he violently attacks her for no reason.

In the script, Mischa discovers Caleb hugging another woman. Mischa confronts Caleb, proclaiming:

“Caleb, I can’t leave you alone for 5 minutes without you getting trashy.”

To which Caleb responds:

“Who you steppin’ to? — Skinny ass ho!”

Caleb then slams Mischa’s head to the ground and punches her in the face. Much like Rihanna after her Chris Brown attack, Mischa’s face is covered in bruises, and she sustains a black eye during the beating.

The Law & Order SVU staff actually mention Rihanna and Chris Brown by name as detectives on the show proclaim:

“These two should go on a double with Chris Brown and Rihanna.”

In a final scene, Caleb kills Mischa after a romantic moment on a private yacht. The show ends with a memorial being held for Rihanna — I mean Mischa:

Here is a promo ad for the series:

Chris Brown and Rihanna continue to leave fans guessing about the status of their relationship. The couple skipped Valentine’s Day together but often show up in loving embraces at various events and public locations.

Do you think Law & Order: SVU went to far in portraying Chris Brown as Rihanna’s killer?