Lindsay Lohan Has Had An Epiphany, New Lawyer Claims

Lindsay Lohan has had an epiphany, her lawyer claims, suggested the troubled starlet has been “scared straight” after years of legal troubles — but new attorney Mark Heller didn’t elaborate as to what is so different this time around as LiLo graces a Los Angeles court with her seeming judicial omnipresence.

Lindsay Lohan’s epiphany, Heller claims, is a result of yet again facing jail time for her difficulties in complying with court directives. It seems her issues are never-ending in this regard, and at this point, can anyone even really remember why Lindsay Lohan is in court for the seventh consecutive year running, or something like that?

Mark Heller, bless his lawyerly little heart, seems to think Lindsay Lohan’s epiphany is a game-changer — and said of his new client that the prospect of jail has woken the star up to the direction of her life and caused her to tire of her legal struggles:

“Being re-arrested and facing going back to jail caused her to have an epiphany … Sometimes the cumulative effect of everything in your life percolates and you have a realization and a clarity that things have to change.”

Heller said Lohan is taking her epiphany so seriously she may even show up to court Friday for a scheduled hearing, and adds mysteriously:

“At this point, we do believe she will be in court with me … There will be a lot unfolding.”

Lohan’s epiphany, he said, is enough to convince those close to her that she’s ready to get her legal messes in order:

“People are happy that we are trying to facilitate this turn around in her life. That is very encouraging and I am hopeful that we can follow through … Hopefully when we come together on Friday, we will have some appropriate resolution.”

While Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer seems convinced, the star has pledged to change her ways before — do you think this time it will stick?