Heidi Klum Continues To Support Billie Eilish As The 17-Year-Old Slays At Radio City Music Hall

Heidi Klum was ready and raring to enjoy Billie Eilish as she took center stage last night at Radio City Music Hall. The huge venue was one of many this year in which the 17-year-old was easily able to fill. Not only that but the iconic arena was also gigantic as compared to the small venues this huge talent played not all that long ago.

Small wonder, as this former America's Got Talent (AGT) contender "is breaking records left, right and center," reported The Inquisitr earlier this year in a story titled, "Billie Eilish Becomes the First Person Born in this Millennium to Top the Album Charts."

To get there Eilish has had a little help from her famous friends, Heidi Klum among the most enchanted.

The former AGT judge was on her feet during an extended standing ovation when the "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go" singer-songwriter competed on the talent show in February. Then, Heidi was on hand in Los Angeles for her release party called The Billie Eilish Experience at The Stalls at Skylight Row in late March. And, as mentioned, the perennial cover girl was at Radio City Music Hall to hear this amazing artist fill the massive hall with her unique voice on Wednesday.

Both Heidi and Billie have covered Vogue. Klum has been a fixture on the front of the fashion magazine for many years while Eilish is just getting started. This month, she is the face of Vogue Australia and chances are fans will go wild when the issue hits newsstands on June 24.Like is the case with her fellow, 46-year-old German fashionista, the young American artist who turns 18 on December 18 is candid with her thoughts.

"As grateful as I am for the appreciation and the love, honestly, I've become numb to it. I remember the first couple of times people called me the face of pop or pop's new It girl… it kind of irked me," Eilish told Vogue Australia via The Inquisitr.

Whatever label Eilish is blessed or cursed with from her public, she will continue to share her talent. Later this month, the 17-year-old will perform for the first time at England's Glastonbury Festival. She is on the bill alongside such storied acts as The Cure, The Killers, Miley Cyrus, Stormzy, Carrie Underwood, and Lauryn Hill. Perhaps Heidi will be there, too, rooting for her girl from the stands.

Indeed, this is a relationship that will probably keep going strong no matter what. And bonus: Heidi Klum has more than 6 million Instagram followers and Billie Eilish has nearly 27 million Instagram followers. Together, on social media and in real life, these heavy hitters representing totally different generations seem to be ready to take on the world, one catwalk and one concert at a time.