Jessa Duggar Unexpectedly Changes Birth Plans, Grandma Duggar Meets Ivy Jane In New Webisode

Kim Brandow

Jessa Duggar gave birth to her third child, Ivy Jane, on Sunday, May 26, and fans have been waiting to hear all the details of this joyous event. The special birth episode called Counting On: A Baby Girl for Jessa will be shown on June 25 on TLC. However, the network decided to share the two-part webisode early on their site and on the TLC Go app. It was revealed earlier that Jessa did have a home birth once again, but there are more details that have emerged.

As the Seewalds detailed to TLC, most of their family members were out of town attending the wedding of Carlin Bates in Tennessee when Jessa's water broke. It was quite unexpected as she wasn't due for 10 more days. It was so unexpected that the midwife that was supposed to be there for the birth had gone out of town as well. However, they did have a backup plan in place. Surprisingly enough, Jessa had planned on having this baby at the hospital in a birthing suite, but that all changed quickly.

The backup plan included a different midwife and a home birth. Jill Dillard was also on hand to help her sister out and was surprisingly shown on camera throughout the show. When the contractions weren't progressing enough, the Duggar daughter decided to go to the big house to walk up and down their stairs. She also concocted a smoothie that consisted of strawberries and castor oil before she left her house.

Once the contractions started, Jessa headed back to their house. Ben is seen rubbing her back as his wife labored over their sofa in pain. Once Jessa was ready, she pushed little Ivy Jane out. The couple expressed what an emotional moment it was once she entered the world.

While the baby girl was born healthy, things once again took a turn for the worse for her mama as it did with Spurgeon's birth. The 26-year-old mom wouldn't stop bleeding and that's when paramedics were called. She was toted to the hospital to get the care she needed. This time though, she only needed fluids and not a blood transfusion.

Also shown was the totally sweet moment when Spurgeon and Henry met their little sister for the first time. Spurgeon held Ivy Jane gently while Henry wasn't quite as sure about the whole thing. He was still quite sweet with her.

It was a bittersweet moment when the TLC cameras caught Grandma Duggar walking through the door to meet her great-granddaughter for the first time. She is seen proudly holding the baby that she also shares a birthday with. She passed away two weeks later in a tragic drowning accident.

This special Duggar event can be seen right now online or on the TLC app and will also be aired on June 25 on the TLC network.