Tuper Tario Tros. melds Mario and Tetris, creates something beautiful

Tuper Tario Tros. brings together two stone cold Nintendo classics to create … a game with a terrible name!

Fortunately, TTT also manages to be inventive and extremely fun. Like all the best games, its concept is simple but absorbing: move Mario left to right as the stage scrolls sideways, then press the space bar and switch to Tetris mode to drop some blocks whenever he finds himself impeded, or facing a yawning chasm.

It’s Mario crossed with Tetris, but it also feels a bit like Lemmings, no bad thing in my book. Oh, and the end of this is excellent, so don’t go giving up early! Heck, it’s not like tonight is a some special day of the year when you’ll be otherwise occupied. Play it HERE.

[Tuper Tario Bros., via IndieGames]