Casey Affleck Says Jennifer Garner Is 'The Perfect Aunt,' Co-Parents Well With His Brother

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may have parted ways after a decade of marriage, but that doesn't mean their relationship has soured forever. After all, they have three children that they're raising and co-parenting. According to Ben's brother Casey Affleck, as Us Weekly reports, Jennifer isn't just an amazing mom to her own children — she's also an incredible aunt to Casey's kids.

"Jennifer has been amazing. She's just the perfect aunt. She's so caring and sensitive and never forgets a birthday. She's awesome."
Casey also had nothing but kind words for his brother, Ben. Though Ben has struggled with his demons in terms of substance abuse issues, Casey believes he's a caring father and uncle.

"You can tell your kids what to do, but they don't really listen. They're way more likely to be like what they see," he told the outlet. "They're going to imitate you. I could tell them not to fight, but I'm going to have a much bigger impact if I'm able to stop the video when me and Ben get into a fight and resolve it."

Both Ben and Casey got their start in the industry when they were just kids, and have managed to craft lasting success for themselves in a tough industry.

Jennifer has likewise experienced a lot of success in the industry. She first became known around the world back in the early 2000s, when she was cast as the incredible CIA officer Sydney Bristow on the show Alias. She eventually transitioned into film roles and began building her career — and finding time to start a family as well.

Jennifer has two daughters and one son with her ex, Ben Affleck, and was with him for over a decade. The two finalized their divorce just last year, but still remain in one another's lives thanks to their children.

Jennifer's children remain out of the spotlight as much as possible, and she's always been outspoken about her views that the paparazzi should not bother children whatsoever. As her children slowly begin to inch towards their teenage years, it will be interesting to see if they decide to enter the acting world. After all, with both their parents being successful actors and their uncle Casey being a successful actor as well, there's certainly a lot to look up to and a lot of sources for advice. Ben and Jen both seem like supportive parents who would get behind any decision their children made.